sharing user sounds thread !

i thought that maybe Halion users having sharing thread could be a nice place for… well-- sharing sounds :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea.

I totally support this. Would posting a download link to a dropbox folder be working for this purpose?

Sounds good.

Also could be useful for finding existing sounds.
I’m looking for a sparkly fairy dust kind of sound, like chiming little bells in the wind. I’m sure there are options in the media bay, but don’t know where to start.

Surely could be a user sound section for these purposes.

Check the factory content, and filter to the layer presets. There are a few of these there, as I love those kinds of sounds too.

Thanks man. I did a search via category, character and even word search with terms like bell, chime, etc. I found mainly padshop, gritty kinda sounds. I needed a natural classy wind chime, they are used a lot in hip hop. I need the acoustic variation but at this point, I’d get by with synthetic.

I will try again in layer presets, admit that the lists were too long for me to really listen one by one.

I think this thread should just sticky right now, as we can just carry on. Nothing wrong with a loose format to share/find/ or advise sounds in H5.

Hmm, what this thread needs is presets… :bulb:

…so here’s some to kick things off. :sunglasses:

Thanks for this. Downloading now and will check it out tomorrow, when I get in from work. :sunglasses:

okay! :smiley:

This should inspire me to get carvin’ myself!

I think this needs to be a highlighted sticky .

very good idea , im on the case as well :wink:

Thanks for sharing. I’ll check these out when I’m home from work :sunglasses:

No probs, but don’t go expecting quality now :laughing:

Updated set fixes a dumb-ass error.

Ages ago I did a quick 'n dirty port of the Blakus Cello. It’s here, though you may have to fix the sample references, hopefully the vstsound container works as expected but I don’t think anyone’s ever downloaded it to find out.

EDIT: it might turn you off, but here’s a raw file of me improvising for 13 min. with this preset in one program slot.

Original post:
Let me follow up with a fresh preset of today.

Ambient Percussionist

As the name suggest it’s probably most useful in an Ambient context, but please check it out, maybe you’ll find other use for it. The percussion are manipulated Vibraphone and Guiro sounds that comes with the preset, which is why the dl file is 3 MB.

Be aware of some resonant spikes if increasing the Resonance nob.

Very nice :sunglasses:

some kanun ,oud and scat vocal programs
the kanun and oud are from old Akai sample libraries and i just made them to practice building H5 sampled programs ,the scat vocal are from samples came on CD with my aging Motif Es when i purchased it ,and build the samples in H3 long time ago.
for me sometimes those are useful for more middle eastern music and some jazzy fun playing :wink: Live scat Kanun and oud

I will have some time off for the holidays here, and I’m in between songs. Hopefully finally will have time to dig in, and make some sounds!

I will probably have questions if that’s okay.

aha, here i may be finding some answers. I’m also wanting to do some exchange of presets.
Have the sonic 2, and i’m in demo for H5.
H5 is a little overweight for my intentions, but if there would be some content sharing that would be a good reason to make the upgrade. (that isn’t that expensive) And even maybe to do some content of my own.

But: i have still questions i do not know about the vstpreset content and the way to exchange things in HS5.

1/ the vstpreset content is able to contain the user samples that are integrated into it ?
2/ the vstpreset content is able to contain userpresets for for example the flesphrasers ?
3/ the vstpreset content is able to contain user layers ?

I ask this because i had previously a little communication with simon stockhausen.
He is able to make a custom bank for example for halion 5… so it is possible… but he also said that is not possible for the halion sonic 2 version.

So: i would be very glad to be able to have some info about the way of integrating the user content of a preset (or even a bank) into an exchangeable format. If this is vstpreset or any other thing that is ok. If i can do it, the rests is just the way to do it.

Is that possible with the vstpreset format ?
Do i need other tools or other things to got to such a point ?

thanx for the help!

kind regards,

I’m so glad you are asking :laughing: I want to know but I can’t formulate these questions.

There’s VST Sound, VST preset, programs, I don’t understand the nuances.

The way I understand it is that there is protected content and unprotected content, we can’t package new sounds with protected content ex. I can’t layer NeoSoulKeys as a layer/zone, and send that to you. I can’t import my old unsupported, discontinued HSO samples as layers of supersaws… at least I don’t think I can. I don’t know how it works for samples that you bring in from other libraries…

I’d like to at least get something very simple done, just to get the process going (yeah I always say that haha)

but it is possible since even 3th party products can be made for Halion 5.

i have been experimenting with the Halion Sonic and i can confirm that you indeed can include protected layers in a vst-preset because i was able to do so with the Symphonic Package. But the condition to play them is that you have the same vst package. So that is very limiting the options.

i can understand that protected content isn’t going to be allowed in peoples users presets with content to be open to others who do not own that package.
But user presets of the different components (like flexphraser), and f.e. user samples are not protected in any way and if they could be included in the vstpreset, that would be a big difference. It is just… how do you do that.

that is the reason why we are here, and the forum is here.
We learn from them, and as i have seen you a lot on other posts, i can maybe confirm, we both also try to add positive help to others topics. So let’s just wait untill one of the more experienced sound devs reads this and helps us with this.
:slight_smile: There certainly are such kind people here i hope :slight_smile:

kind regards,

in the spare time allready found one of the answers in the manual.

Samples can be exported together with the corresponding program or layer as VST presets, or on their own. In both cases, you use the “Export Samples…” option on the Program Tree context menu. For VST presets, the corresponding dialog has additional preset options.
•To export a VST preset, select the program or layer in the Program Tree. On the context menu, open the Import/Export submenu, and select “Export Samples…”.
This opens the Export Preset with Samples dialog.