Shift+Alt to route multiple tracks to a Group Channel

For some reason, this doesn’t work for me unless I only have 1 group channel. I know in 6.5 it was shift only but i understand that this changed and it’s now Shift+Alt. But for some reason, if I have more than one group channel, it doesn’t send the tracks to the group channel i choose. It sends some tracks to the group track i selected and some to other group tracks. Any idea what i’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Who can know? You did not post a way to accurately reproduce your problem.

From an empty project:

  1. Create 5 audio tracks
  2. Create 3 group tracks
  3. Click on the first audio track to highlight it
  4. Hold shift and click on the last audio track to highlight all audio tracks
  5. Hold down shift+alt and select the output of the tracks to go to Group 1

This should make the output of all audio tracks highlighted go to Group 1
In my case, audio track 1 will go to Group 1 but audio track 2 will go to Group 2 etc.
If i only have 1 Group track then they all go to that group fine. The problem is when i have multiple group tracks.

Hope this makes my question a little more clear

The result you get is what it should be with only shift held down, so I would imagine that something is stopping Cubase or the OS from seeing the alt key down.

Like I said in my reply to this subject in the issues forum, it works correctly here.

@steveinchicago…thanks for your reply. Like I said, it works perfectly fine when I only have 1 group channel. but if i have multiple group channels, it sends the tracks to dif groups. I know my OS is def recognizing the alt command because I use alt+tab to toggle between programs all day. So what you’re telling me is that for you, the shift alone to send the tracks to a group didn’t change from 6.5 to 7?

Well, you are not troubleshooting using the ‘scientific method’

I am just saying that when the audio tracks are assigned to different group tracks in your repro Cubase is doing what it’s supposed to do if you hold down shift only.

So the problem is possibly that Cubase does not see that you are also holding down the alt key.

Or you could have a conflicting key combo in your system.


1 key command to send all selected tracks to a newly created group. (One command creates a group and sends all selected channels to that group)

There is a command to send all selected tracks to a newly created folder track ( move selected tracks to new folder )

I hope you understand my attempt to explain… Lol

I have the same issues here.
But it seems sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesn’t.
BTW, in the inspector, the tooltip says to use Shift, not Shift/alt as the manual explains.

Ok…SO…I got to the studio to test this AGAIN yesterday and it worked perfectly fine the first project I had up. Then the second project. Then, every other project after that, this didn’t work. So I can confirm the same experience some people here and in the other post are saying that it doesn’t work in every project. Hope this is fixed in 7.0.2. I use this function all the time.

It seems I was mistaken: on audio channels it does indeed say <shift + alt + click >
On other channels, however (instrument,FX channels , Group Channels) it says <alt + click> (so not <Shift + click> as I first wrongfully stated).

I have the same problem. shift/alt does not set all the selected tracks to the same group. very tiresome! thought I was doing something wrong. ed

this caught me out with cubase 7.

my ‘new’ method is to just swipe the tracks to select in the track selector on the side of the mixer,hit the quick link button and then just send one the channels to your group of choice and the others will follow.

I’ve found myself though working differently,in that I know just select a bunch of tracks I want to group and then just right click and it will create and then send all channel to a group. Much faster and convenient :slight_smile:


I’m also very interested in solving the problem of routing multiple tracks to a group channel. I’ve got PC , that’s why Quicklink does not solve my problem. Could you please help me. I’ve got Cubase 7.02 and I use Alt+Shift+Click (like it’s written in manual) . In my previous version Cubase 6.5 everything worked well. What can I do, or , whom should I write for help?

Thank you

Yeah I’m having problems with this too. I thought I had the problem solved, as Alt+Shift+click worked in another project, and in the one i’m working on now, it doesn’t at all.

One thing I noticed - the project i’m working on now originated in 6.5. Would this have something to do with it?

What thinkingcap is saying is that in the new update coming out on the 27th, this issue is fixed. Thought I would specify why he posted a link to a page filled with a big list of corrections in the next update, instead of just posting a link with no explanation why.

“Routing of multiple tracks now works correctly with SHIFT + command.”


Not sure why it was changed… unless it was a glitch or somethin?