Shift G

Also haha
Where has the shift g loop hot key gone?
Dam i used that all the time to loop selected material
anyone know where i can find the new hot keys for 7?

Just tried this last night - worked for me (and I have the PT keyboard shortcuts). Looped selection + play.

really? if i press it it reduces the track size now? :frowning:
I have the cubase logic keyboard

Shift + G works for a “loop selection and play” for me.

It’s alt+p on mine…weird.

its ALT + P on mine now too,was always shift + G before.

bring back shift + G

open cubase 7,go to:

file/key commands/transport/loop selection

you can change the assigned key (s) there.

mines back to shift+g again :slight_smile:

hope this helps.

Maybe there’s now a conflict, as it seem this was moved to accommodate new MixConsole features (zoom height). See first sentence here:-

Can key commands apply to just the focused window, or are they always global (i.e. choose Shift+G for ‘loop and play’ in Arrange page, BUT you lose it for zoom height in MixConsole).?

Thx alt + P for me too/

Still Shift+G here, straight out of the box…

I just came across this key command after watching an AskVideo tutorial and discovered it’s Alt +P in my key commands instead of Shift + G as shown on the video tutorial for an older copy of Cubase (C5 I think)

I guess some people still having Shift + G depends on who let Cubase use old preferences when they installed C7.

I’m late to this key command but it is useful.

I’m actually on a mission to go through every single tutorial on Ask Video on Cubase since SX1 all the way up to 8.5 and finally learn every single aspect of this amazingly powerful DAW.