Ship date - general availability - for Cubase 6?

I just ordered C6 Update from C5. Wondering what the general expected ship date is? Couldn’t find it listed anywhere. I’m not referring to my specific order – obviously – but the general availability… In other words, did I just pre-order for something that won’t be shipping for a few weeks or months, or did I order something that will show up soon? :slight_smile:

I live in the US, if that matters.

Also, as a request for future distribution, a download option would be preferable.

I too have just ordered it, but have no clue if it will be days,weeks or months.

any official word on this yet?

In the meantime, do they charge your credit card?

The promotional video on Steinberg’s website says “Release in January 2011,” so I don’t think you have to wait much.

any official word on this yet?

Read the FAQ Sticky… :unamused:

Apparently it ships today! :wink:

Thanks for the info – I just saw the FAQ too, but it mentioned regional variations in availability. I didn’t notice the press release note that said “Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 will start shipping today*.” – with the asterisk that said “* Dates of availability may vary regionally”

So I guess my next question is, when does it ship to the US region? :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to it. I hope it’s as stable as 5.5.2 has been for me. I have massive, grueling sessions in 5.5.2 and it has been an amazing experience watching it cope with everything I throw at it. Honestly, 5.5.2 + Win 7 has been the most stable DAW I’ve ever owned. The C6 feature list looks like it can help my work immediately, easily saving me time (and money). So here’s to hoping this isn’t a premature beta release. :slight_smile: I hope the beta testing team at Steinberg has done their job…

If C6 is an updated C5 in the same manner in which Win7 is an updated Win Vista (and I’m pretty sure it is), then you should be able to expect at least the solidness of Cubase 5.5. This excludes new features functionality, of course. Those still need to be put through the paces.

Hell yea!!! :smiling_imp:

Just ordered C5 to C6 update yesterday… Anyone have email confirmation of shipping in EU or just order confirmation?.

C5 to 6, to me is always “currently not in stock”… :unamused:

Just got this message form customer service:

Thank you for contacting asknet Customer Service.

The Cubase 6 will officially release on Monday and products will commence shipment on that date.

You will receive a tracking number as soon your order has been sent out for delivery.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

asknet Customer Service

Great!! :slight_smile:

I wonder where the US distribution center is… I’m hoping its on the west coast preferably in southern california :wink:

Nice should have it by weeks end…I hope

so who do you think is going to get their upgrade in the mail first? Europe or North America?

DV have it listed on their webs here in the UK, The site says they have none in stock currently though.
Fingers crossed we get them before the end of the week!
I noticed something a little troublesome for us RME users though in the known issues, will have to see how bad it is though once it arrives.

Some shops online do state they have it in stock.