Shop Confusion


Can somebody advise please,

I have Cubase 4 but it was not bought online it was bought in a shop and therefore I am not a “returning online customer” but I do have a “my Steinberg” account with all my registration details and an e key.
I am trying to upgrade to 8.5 and obviously can’t log in to an online shop account for this reason .
When I fill in my details as a new customer and put my email address in it says “this email is already used on another account”
I can only assume it means my “my steinberg” account but that is not suitable to log in to the shop, there is a general note to say "your my stienberg account is not valid as an online shop log in "
So what the hell ?
Can I just use another email address and as long as my e key is in position it doesn’t matter what details I put in ?
Am I overthinking it ?
I have sent a message to support but with the speed it takes to get any response I am concerned about getting it wrong and actually NEEDING to contact them about anything serious .

Any advice would be very gratefully received as I really want to get going and this detail is really starting to bug me .

Thanks in advance

Steinberg shop = asknet
MySteinberg = Steinberg.
Both are different things and require their own accounts which are totally independent from each other.

You must have previously registered with the shop and forgotten about it.

Isn’t there an “I forgot my password” option??


And that is the weird thing because I have absolutely never registered with the online shop before…unless…asknet have me registered from something else.

Thank you for the replies guys .

I think I will just use a different email address it has to be easier than this. I will input my details with a different email address and carry on regardless. If the accounts are entirely unconnected then it shouldn’t make any difference to anything.
Thanks again.

Well I forced oit to make me log in and I see a forgot password option so this seems the easy option to me.

All sorted now guys thanks again.

Hi, I am looking this here in Australia but still not get this. I have check on online shopping store. Any Idea!

Idea about what? Is it too much to ask, to post a meaningful question?