'short trill' (ornament popover input: shorttr) is ignored when playing score

Dear all,

The ‘short trill’ (ornament popover input: shorttr) is ignored when playing the score. I found an old post where @dspreadbury wrote that this feature was not yet implemented. Is this still the case?

There’s no new development AFAIK. One way to make ornaments audible is using a hidden ossia.

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Thank you for your quick response!

Perhaps ossia is the wrong word, since AFAIK ossias do not play back. An added staff for the measure(s) in question, on the other hand, will play back and can be hidden.

I realize this is kind of picky on my part, but just to avoid confusion (unless I am confused about ossias not playing back, which at least used to be the case.)


I guess you’re right. I’m rehearsing all day, will check tonight.

You are indeed correct.

Many times I’ve posted the solution for the playback of every type of ornament, but now I’m going to attach a simple example:

Short trill:
The solution (note the not sounding note)

The project
Short.dorico (526.1 KB)
You can implement the exact rendering of any ornament even the most complicate!

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I wish my idea of an ornaments editor will happen some time, but in the meantime, your solution is perfect for playback!

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Your idea is nice Marc! I fear the same ornament may require different realization depending on the metronome. Probably the editor should consider relative note lengths inside limits…

In the meantime I also like the freedom of an additional staff!

Thank you for your reply. I already know the method you suggested. I just wish there was an easier way.

I wanted to know the current state of Dorico development regarding ornament playback. Will it be implemented soon? The method suggested by @Alberto_Maria seems to be the best way at the moment, but it is very time consuming. The best way is of course for Dorico to support all types of ornaments for playback, just as trills are supported. Isn’t it?

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I understand perfectly the requests about ornaments playback and I support them. What concerns me is the variability of the realization: look for instance at the various ways already supported by Dorico just for trills! I don’t know personally two artists that play the same ornament in the same way all the times. In fact ornaments have a lot to do with improvisation, especially in baroque music…

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