Shortcut for "audio inserts" tab of tracks connected to instruments with one keystroke? (solved)

Hello, is there a hack way to do it ? Like with auto-key, mayeb detecting that exact text and moving the mouse right there + clicking

…since no key command is available

moderator note: the request regards non-audio tracks, where the Audio Insert tab is in a subsection of the track inspector.

Actually, there is a key command available :


It works here, with MIDI tracks and also with Instrument ones.

It opens midi inserts not audio inserts

According to your thread title, that’s what you were looking for, no ? :thinking:

my bad !! I just corrected

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OK. Thanks for the correction… :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I guess that you already saw that the Inspector > Toggle Inserts Section key command can work for audio inserts, but only for input/output, audio, FX and group tracks. If you are using MIDI, Instrument or Sampler ones, you’re out of luck : the MIDI inserts panel will react instead and I haven’t been able to set a macro that could help as a workaround. One of the several inspector pitfalls…

And we experience the same issue with the Sends panels, actually : it’s even worse, as for both instrument tracks and sampler tracks, even if there is no MIDI sends panel available, using a shortcut to toggle the sends section doesn’t even work on the only Audio sends available one.

The fact that Steinberg hasn’t imagine, yet, that implementing both Toggle MIDI inserts section and Toggle audio inserts section commands (same thing for Sends) could ease the work with the inspector and clarify all this is beyond me : maybe in Cubase 15… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

EDIT - Precisions added and mistakes corrected…

I can only agree

What would be the user case or practice example you want to achieve? If you have problem with collapsing tabs (when you click on one tab let’s say inserts the other collapses) you can hold Ctrl and click on the tabs and they will stay opened. Also if you save that as template tabs you expand will be saved with template.

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If he is looking for a key command, it’s probably precisely because he doesn’t want to use the mouse or worse, a combination of key+mouse motion, which needs to have both hands free : I don’t know about you, but when dealing with instruments (I mean real instruments, not virtual ones…), a guitar in example, I would like to avoid having to drop it to both press the Ctrl key while carefully moving the mouse to reach a given section header. It’s a workflow thing…
Beside this, key commands can easily be remote controlled. ctrl+mouse combinations, not that much…

Additionaly, I think that you haven’t read carefully enough the whole thread : the subject of it is not about the different ways to open sections (while maintaining the others already opened as so - I guess that @bensmir.hbs knows that, already), but to open with a simple key or remote control stroke the Audio inserts section, which is rather commonly used - I guess much more than the Device panels or even the Direct Routing ones. And presently, this is not possible on rather commonly used track types, such as the instrument one.

After this, to each his own…

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Open with key command what? Insert pannel? He would need to reach for the mouse to get insert effects, unless he wants to insert particular FX with key command, just opening insert panel doesn’t have any sense. As I stated he can get insert panel visible in the inspector(left zone) all the time.
Anyway let’s op describe in practical example what he wants to achieve.

Edit: yeah like above on your screenshot insert pannel visible.

I think that you are getting dishonest, at this point, sorry to state this as so. I’m (almost…) sure that you perfectly got where the issue is - I already gave an example of my own.

But in case you still haven’t : I’m waiting from you a solution to open the Audio Insert panel with a key command, on any tracks type in which it is available : as a reminder, this was the initial subject of this thread. So, as I do not want to start an endless debate on the subject, I’ll leave it as it is.

All the best…

Is this what you referring to? Expand audio inserts on selected track with key command?

If that is what you want here:
Download and install AHK
Download and run script
New AutoHotkey (1.7 KB)
hit “v” key on your keyboard and you can expand/collapse “Audio Inserts” panel.

Note: Maybe some adjustments needed (mouse delay/Sleep/Image search coordinates etc) which depends on your screen/CPU/etc

But still don’t get the point of it.

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wait what ? How did you achieve that with auto hot key ? I am going to take a look at the script asap
The point is I want to hit the shortcut, click to load an effect on the list… doing it on the fly without having to open the channel settings windows and … without hovering with the mouse

Yeah I know, you are thinking I am stupid or what because I will need to move the mouse anyway to the list in order to load a plugin but I don’t know I find it easier and faster to hover the mouse when the list has been expanded and you can clearly see it, it’s occuyping your field of vision no need to find the tiny line where it says “audio inserts”

I think that since the “Toggle Audio Inserts” is in fact missing, it should be added, no matter of what the usage is, since we can question the usage of the other shortcuts as well. I somehow guess that they simply missed it by confusing it with the MIDI inserts, that’s all :slight_smile:

Hello, I am trying your script, maybe I am missing something. I put the image + the script in the “Documents/AutohotKey” But it doesn’t do anything.
I am sure it has something to do with either the directory folder or maybe my screen resolution ? (2k)

Silly question perhaps, but is the script running? Do you have this icon on your taskbar?

Yes, because I use 2 Autohotkey Scripts
what are those numbers 200 and 4000 and *3 ?

They relate to the screen coordinates for finding the image. See here:

I m trying to figure this out. I have a 2k screen and a secondary 1080p screen.
Cubase is on my main screen, and both are at 125% windows scaling. Hdpi in ON on Cubase

here is what I have with Mpos

So on the above script says : “look for the image a.png” in the following rectangle:

  • Upper left corner : x = 0, y = 0
  • Lower right corner : x = 200, y = 4000

What coordinates should I use (see windows spy screenshot) ?


So you should use the window coordinates.
Not sure why those coordinates are in the negatives, but I don’t think that would matter.

Try this:

ImageSearch, X, Y, -600, -250, -300, 4000, *30 a.png