Shortcut for Go To Beginning Of Flow

I’d love to be able to assign a key command to navigate back to the beginning of the current flow. As of now, I can only find Go To Previous Flow and Go To Next Flow.

You could do Alt-Shift-Spacebar to start playback at the start of the flow, then immediately stop it using Spacebar.

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Press j

Ctrl+2 to change it to go to

Type fn for next flow and fp for previous flow.

For whatever reason, I already had Shift-Space assigned to this.

I’m having some trouble getting it working. One time it went back to the beginning of the project, another time to the beginning of the flow I intended, another time (when working on a different flow) it went back to the previous flow…

I thought it might have been something to do with not having an object selected in the desired flow, or having multiple flows visible at once, no luck…

I use ⌘G Return to scroll to bar 1.


Thank you. I have that come up for me too.

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