SHOuld I upgrade to Cubase ai 11 or is ai 10 more stable?

I considered if CUbase ai 10 or ai11 is better. I don’t know if they have fixed possible bugs in the newest version. SHould I perhaps upgrade directly from Steinberg? WOuld ai 11 give advantages or should I stick with the more tested ai 10?

I get this error message in CUbase upon initiation. DO you know the solution. ALso when I last installed the version ai 10, I was informed that various parts where not being installed. Is that because Hallion etc is no longer part of Cubase (I know it is no longer being supported)? COuld I perhaps resolve it by reinstalling and if so should I uninstall it first? I know one can maintain two versions at the same time so perhaps it will not be overwritten.


This message has nothing to do with Cubase stability. This message says, you have some content installed, you don’t have a license for. Go to the Steinberg Library Manager and Remove the content, you don’t have a license for.

To your question, I would say the stability is +/- the same. Some bugs from Cubase 10 are fixed in Cubase 11. But also some new bugs have been introduced. In general, Cubase 11 was received very well by the users.

Txs Martin, appreciate it. I will check that out. Yes I know I mixed one problem with another, because that also made me consider upgrading or reinstalling.
SO perhaps since I haven’t even gotten deep with regards to Cubase 10, there is not much sense in upgrading?

In my opinion, if one can afford the price, one should always go for the latest version.


For example, Cubase 10 is definitelynot going to be Windows 11 officially compatible. Cubase 11 is officially Windows 11 compatible.

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Is there a free upgrade to Cubase ai 11 from Cubase ai 10. I have version 11 in “My products” in the Download assistant. I wanted to delete version 10 and reinstall it but then I saw that version 11 was under my products so I downloaded that of course. But now I am stuck and in my elicenser it says only Cubase ai 10. hmmm. Feel tricked to download version 11.


No, there is not. Steinberg Download Assistant is not always right.

Strange, many years ago I received an Cubase AI license as an addition to a Steinberg audio interface. With this old AI version I could start Cubase 11 AI! The eLCC also showed no version number.


In the meantime I’ve upgraded this license so that I can no longer check it.

Lucky you. Let us see if someone has mercy on me. Perhaps Steinberg support will reply.



I remember, there was a time, when Steinberg allowed the update to the latest Cubase even for the AI edition. But I think it’s not the case anymore.

Since Cubase 10.5 all LE and AI licenses can always run the latest version of LE and AI. If you are still running an older version (10 or less) and you haven’t received an email from us, please contact our support team and they will send you an update code to LE/AI 11. You should also check on MySteinberg if you have subscribed to the newsletter.