Show Automation value when using range tool+use modifier key for fine adjustment

i use sometimes protools for mixing and i like that i can see the values of the automation when changed with the range tool, and also the value display is close to the mouse cursor and not in info line up on the screen., and it shows the amount changed and the actual value .
also it can use modifier key (cntl for protools) to fine adjust the value.
id like to see it also in cubendo as i find it very convenient and practical to use.
in cubendo we cant see the amount of value changes when using the range tool (only when using single automation dot it shows the value in the info line)
and we cant fine adjust the values, we have to zoom in alot the automation lane to make small adjustments, in PT i just use the CNTL key and i can adjust automation precisely without zooming in the lane
ProtoolsVScubendo automation Value


I’d appreciate that as well.
And other Automation editing Improvements.
And to be able, to toggle automation and waveform view, like in PT (or rather any other DAW, at least it feels like that)


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Yes this is one of Cubase’s inconsistencies, which would help a lot if it would be fixed :slight_smile:

It basically only shows a tooptip, when using the pecil tool or moving points directly with the mouse.
When using the range tool or the handles around the automation points it does not show anything.

Made a same thread about it some time ago:
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