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Am I correct in observing that the little arrows to (with mouse) pull open and close the left and right zones are no longer present in D4? Except for the right zone in Engrave mode?
No big deal. I just need to get used to the key commands that I never used to use.

There is a new button at the top, above the Select button, that shows/hides the Left zone.

Interesting that the chevron button in Engrave mode is still there but not the others.

The chevrons are still there, e.g. in Setup mode, and on the right-hand side in Engrave mode. If you’re not seeing them in those places, you may have a font cache problem.

Ah yes, Setup mode too.

This page might also be of use. (Although I spot a markup error – let me fix that!)

Thanks for the responses. I neglected to notice the new button at top that serves the same function as the chevron (as Mark Johnson pointed out). It’s actually an improvement for my old mouse ways.

In case there is an opportunity to make the chevrons reappear even in the other pages, they would be a welcome return. Clicking them was incredibly fast, and there was no need to take the eyes off from the score, since it was so immediate finding them even blindly.


Regarding the left zone in Engrave mode: the absence of both the chevron and the new button at the top (as found in Write mode) is frustrating, and I just wasted a lot of time trying to add a text frame.

It feels like an oversight that the top-left button from Write mode is not also in Engrave mode. If intended, I really do not understand that rationale, because it doesn’t change any space used on the screen and it’s also inconsistent between the two most important modes.

I think I recall that Daniel recently acknowledged this and has said they will fix it.

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Indeed, it’s not intentional, it’s a little bug, and it will be fixed in the next update, coming soon.

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Hi all

I can’t seem to make my right zone expand in Dorico 4. It was all there, then I did something, and now even though I am selecting “show right zone” I only get the icons not the complete full zone…command 7 and command 8 also work for left and bottom but command 9 does not work for the right side…

Are you in Write mode, and is the Popovers button selected in the Notations toolbox (it’s the button that looks like a keyboard rather than a paint palette).

I am in write mode, and that button is indeed selected, but I can’t seem to UN select it.

Switch to the Panels button (the paint palette) which allows you to access right zone panels. When the Popovers button is selected, you can only open popovers from the Notations toolbox, you can’t access panels.

ah I see. I don’t remember those buttons on 3.5

I was starting to think I had something wrong with my install because I have been on the phone for 2 days with Steinberg, somehow every once in awhile when I try and open it, Dorico decides it’s not activated, and won’t let me open, but only sometimes. It’s a bit maddening. They haven’t been able to figure out why yet. Originally I had a bad permissions problem with Dorico 4., had to go to Apple for that one. Yikes.
Anyway thank you, that helps, Lillie.

That’s right, they were introduced in Dorico 4 as previously the right toolbox buttons mostly correlated to panels but a few opened popovers; there was no on-screen way of opening popovers, except for using a menu, it was only via key commands.

nice upgrade!

A situation I for which can’t seem to find a solution in the forum, related to showing/hiding of zones. As of Dorico 4.3, I’m not able to show both the lower zone and both the left and right zones simultaneously. Any time I open the lower zone, it closes the side zone(s); any time I open a side zone, it closes the lower zone. I’ve tried all combinations of Cmd-0, Cmd-7, Cmd-8, and Cmd-9 to “reset” things, to no avail. Am I missing something here?

Something would seem to be amiss on your machine. I have no issues in either Write or Engrave Modes:

Have you perhaps set the option in preferences>general>window?

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