Show/hide zones

Am I correct in observing that the little arrows to (with mouse) pull open and close the left and right zones are no longer present in D4? Except for the right zone in Engrave mode?
No big deal. I just need to get used to the key commands that I never used to use.

There is a new button at the top, above the Select button, that shows/hides the Left zone.

Interesting that the chevron button in Engrave mode is still there but not the others.

The chevrons are still there, e.g. in Setup mode, and on the right-hand side in Engrave mode. If you’re not seeing them in those places, you may have a font cache problem.

Ah yes, Setup mode too.

This page might also be of use. (Although I spot a markup error – let me fix that!)

Thanks for the responses. I neglected to notice the new button at top that serves the same function as the chevron (as Mark Johnson pointed out). It’s actually an improvement for my old mouse ways.