Sick and tired of Steinberg, here's why

Just finished the Cubase 9 trial…I am now unable to use my Cubase 8.5, when I try to open it I’m told that my Cubase 8 trial (I’ve never had a Cubase 8 trial) has expired, and i cannot use it any longer…what the F–K!!! this is barmy…what do i do now?
it’s not even safe to have a go with a trial, just cannot believe this!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:
I thought different version were not supposed to affect each other…

any help greatly appreciated,
Kevin :confused: :confused: :confused:

What does LCC say about your dongle? 8.5 still there? If yes I believe you can delete the 9 trial.

thank you for your answer…I’m being told my cubase 8 trial has expired, I’ve never had a cubase 8 trial…and at the mo I cannot use my Cubase 8.5…
I’ll take a look at the LCC,
strange innit…I bought Studio one a few months ago and have had not one issue with anything,
but here in Steinberg land just try the trial and you end up with problems to sort out…just getting sick of it, I’m not good at sorting out problems…

cheers mate…sorry if i ranted… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Try opening the eLicenser Control Center and run maintenance tasks.

If that doesn’t help, it’s possible that Cubase 8.5 might be trying to load Production Grooves (Groove Agent SE expansion) and Caleidoscope (Sampler Track content), which were added in Cubase 9. The Windows control panel will allow you to uninstall just this content without modifying anything else.

yes, thank you, I’ve done that but now all my cpr files have gone, (or rather changed, not actually gone) I get a message saying the computer doesn’t know what to open them with, so I googled what I should do and have put that right…
it’s just not right to have all this hassle from trying a trial, really annoyed about this…

I liked cubase 9 but the update is definitely not worth the money…so will not be updating, will have a look at 10 maybe and see if they have improved the performance…

best to you and thanks for the help…Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Reinstall Cubase 8.5, and run the ELC maintenance and come back to tell us what happens. Not every problem on your system is caused by Cubase. :wink:

Ive seen this before.
The default affiliation has changed for .cpr to Cubase 9 and the uninstaller does not change it back to the original version when you uninstall it


did what you said and everything is ok now…
this problem certainly was caused by Cubase!!
testing the trial should not have caused me this hassle!

thank you for your help :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Doing a reinstallation and running the ELC maintenance are trivial, routine things to do, and people who use computers to make music usually know this, or learn it once they have a need to do it. If they don’t (or don’t want to) know the underlying technical cause which Hippo explained, they just ask what they need to do, and do it.

It’s not unusual for software to eventually present some kind of technical challenge.

I totally understand…I just don’t think a trial should create a situation where I am unable to use my current version and have to uninstall and re install it to be able to use it…configuring something within Cubase, yeah, I get that, sorting drivers…etc…I get that, having my Cubase 8.5 obliterated by a trial…no, I don’t get that and while you consider this trivial and routine, I consider it bad practice by Steinberg…they should make it possible to use the trial and return to your previous version with no hassle…I don’t like figuring things out re my computer, I’m not good at it!! :confused: :confused:
at least I’ll be ready for the next trial but still will not consider it routine if my 8.5 is destroyed again…
Cubase is brilliant but I will be on Studio one until they sort out the performance,
Cubase 9 was running at around 90% on the same project Studio one ran at around 30%…if my system was at fault then Studio one would have the same problem I think…
I appreciate you reply my friend and you have my respect…

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have to say that I agree with Steve. If you don’t like figuring out what’s happening to your computer you are in the wrong business. The more complicated your studio setup the more likely you are to need problem solving skills. Most of the issues to do with music software are user induced. I can understand that people just want to get on with the music. However, learning how your gear works and how to deal with unexpected issues will make life easier in the long run. If you don’t enjoy problems then don’t introduce trials onto your machine - play it safe.

I very rarely have a problem with Cubase that gets in the way of my creativity. The only current issue that bugs me is that it can be difficult to change projects within Cubase as there can be a freeze shortly after starting work on a new project. My suspicion is that it is something to do with Cubase holding on to RAM. However if I have a big project I shut down and re-boot. Irritating but not the end of the world. I don’t have an issue with performance, even on big projects - but then I use an RME soundcard. If you are happier on Project One fine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if over the years as the software becomes more complicated, similar problems begin to arise.

I look at it like this as well. Sure it can be fixed but that’s besides the point! There’s no reason trialing 9.0 should mess up 8.5 etc. I should also say that though others have seen this with Steinberg products, I’ve never seen it with other trials I’ve used.

Did you see my post a few above? Maybe Cubase handles things differently, making it necessary to use a different project structure than S1 (using multiple instances of VSTi’s, instead of having multiple midi tracks pointed to the same instance; or not loading too many plug-ins on a single channel, e.g.). It may be worth trying some of these things with your next trial.

All of our PC’s are dedicated audio machines running Cubase and Nuendo. We’ve had very little issues on either Win 7 or Win 10. As silhouette highlighted, developing our problem solving skills in PC setup and maintenance is what has helped to ensure relatively hassle free DAW operation, plus never jumping onto an initial release (Steinberg or Windows). We only recently started using CBP9 and it will be a while yet before upgrading our Nuendo PC’s to the new V8. We always run a PC in test mode for a while before upgrading, making sure all of the key functions used are working as expected. Everything is backed up prior using EASUS backup minimising risk etc.

Correct, this is a Windows problem. It has always been a Windows problem…

So everybody can now relax and put their hair back on… :sunglasses: :wink:

PS: All you had to do, btw, was right-click on the project, go to Open with… and look for whichever version of Cubase you want to be the default, making sure you check ‘Always use this program…’. Steinberg do (or did) have this unfortunate habit of not labelling .5 versions properly - ‘Cubase 7’ applied to both 7 and 7.5, for instance - so better to go browsing for the application by folder, just to be on the safe side… :wink:

Of course we all have different opinions on how things should, or should not be…I appreciate everybody’s input…thank you… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

best to all, Kevin :slight_smile:

FWIW, I agree with the OP. A trial should not cause a hassle. Ensuring that it does not (in this case re-associating the default app to the .cpr files) is a trivial step … that should be performed by the uninstallation routine. The fact that it wasn’t is just plain sloppy on Steinberg’s part.

And this “a true professional” attitude is patronizing.

No one has said that so why are you quoting it? Also, I don’t think anyone has inferred that issues that the OP raised aren’t sloppy on Steinberg’s part :wink:

Agreed, the “users should reinstall stuff” attitude sucks. The software shouldn’t need constant reinstalling to get round bugs obviously corrupting application metadata or windows registery entries.

Agreeing to what? No where in this thread does anyone say that “users should reinstall stuff”. That’s your point of view, welcome indeed but still just that. All I see are some notes on avoiding catastrophic DAW failures, loss of production time etc be it the fault of the dev, one’s own PC setup, the OS or a combo of them all. Clearly not everyone installing the trial has had the issue the OP experienced. Simply blaming Steiny isn’t helping anyone :wink:

I would be very happy to hear what aspect of my system is failing when i uninstalled cubase 9 and lost the use of Cubase 8.5, not trying to be funny my friend but how can my Windows system suddenly decide to scupper my Cubase 8.5? coincidentally just after i uninstalled Cubase 9…
would not my system scupper my Cubase before this procedure…if it is indeed my system ?
I agree with Steve in hindsight…it’s no big deal now that I know what to fix…but surely Steinberg are capable of allowing a customer to use a trial without creating problems… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile: