"simile" notation

I would like to create repeated two repetitions of “sim.” as shown in the screenshot. Is there a way to do that without handcrafting each one?

“repeated” in my post is redundant, i.e., an error.

I also want the “sim.” to stick with the adjacent note if that gets moved around. Possible?

I got what I need. Don’t know if it’s kosher or not, but it works. It stays where it belongs.

I would make a custom Playing Technique. You can specify a shortcut to type into the popover to make entering it quicker.

Maybe that’s what you did (?)

What I do, per a tip from Lillie, is to put in a dynamic with “sim.” as a suffix; then I check the “Hide intensity marking” box in the bottom Properties panel.


I did what notesetter suggested. Thank you for the other suggestions. Lillie’s idea seems it would be useful in playback. I’m my own playbacker. or player back, or…