Simple Sampler without the cost?

In this day in age when its a given all Daws have a proper sampler included why do we as longtime cubase followers still have to pay for one :bulb:

As Cubase really belongs in studio rigs costing several thousands of ÂŁ$Euros and the requisite expertise to set up how come there are so many posts dedicated to saving twopence? :mrgreen:

Go to kvraudio, plenty of simple freebees.

oh, what a nice topic, really…

please have a look:

ShortCircuit v1 or v2. Sampler or otherwise, possibly the best free VSTi, period!

Followed not to far behind by Ultimate Sound Banks UVI Workstation … a kinda, sorta sampler.

With this said and keeping in mind and not forgetting the longstanding complaints of lack of included sampler in Cubase, if you watch the Halion 4 promo videos, you will want to save up and buy it. It’s as simple as you want it to be … or not.


+1 for UVI workstation!
easy to use, very good filter and effects, simple integration of samples etc.

And… with just a tiny amount of creativity I can use Cubase itself as a free sampler. Just that it’s harder to play the “woof-woofs” on the keyboards on the fly. The kids aren’t impressed but the recordings sound ok. :mrgreen:

Every other DAW on the market comes with a fully functioning sampler by default (!)

How nice would it be to simply play a cutted region e.g. per drag/drop with an onboard-sampler - pure creativity!
Not only for sounddesigners, musicians or composers, but also for the simple song exchange (!) without third party plugins.

My simple wish is a light version onboard-sampler in cubase with mininal features, like:
2x ADSR-envelopes, 3 filters (HPF/BPF/LPF), 2 LFOs, WAV/Kontakt/EXS24 import, drag/drop, automapping, crossfadeloop, 16 multitimbral, 16 Outputs.
(or perhaps similar to StudioOne´s sampler, or EXS24)

BTW: Steinberg has long time a sampler code in the drawer with VSTi Halion. So where´s the problem…?


BTW: Steinberg has long time a sampler code in the drawer with VSTi Halion. So where´s the problem…?

Of course! It must be so cheap.
Maybe they don’t want the ADHD brigade, having got their sampler, then bombarding them for more and more “freebies”.
I’m still wondering why so many destitute people can afford Cubase at all. :mrgreen:

Samplers must be dirt cheap. So where’s the problem? :mrgreen:
In case you’re wondering, I went out and bought one. They aren’t particularly cheap although still affordable for the average Joe. If they’re not particularly cheap for the punter they’re also not cheap for the DAW to supply either. Creativity comes from the head. Not the tool.

+1 for shortcircuit.

What I love about this sampler (aside from it being free) is that you can drag audio clips directly from the cubase media bay or from the arrange window, straight into the short circuit window. (UVI workstation always crashes when I try that)

SC was discontinued in the middle of development of version 2 - so consequently, version 1 is much more stable than version 2 (which is basically a beta…)