Simply duplicate a whole part for the whole project

A thing I want to do in creating an arrangement is to duplicate a whole part, from the beginning to the end of a project (all flows), to create another part that can be edited, renamed, and included as a part in an alternative layout (arrangement) within the same project.

I would have thought there would be a quick way to do this in Dorico 4, but I can’t find one. It seems like I have to create a new player and then select and copy material in every flow separately. This is quite tedious. Am I missing something?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do but if I’m right:

All you need to do to use a part in an alternative arrangement is to make a new full score layout - then in setup select the new layout on the right and deselect the players you wouldn’t like in it and select the instruments you would like in it.

Similarity if you intend to add new instruments in then you’ll need to deselect those instruments from your original full score layout.

Either way, you can create as many layouts as you like and they can include as many or as few of the flows or players as you like - it’s incredibly flexible! The only thing to bare in mind is that if you select the flow in setup and deselect an instrument, all of that instrument’s material will be deleted.

Wait nope didn’t read it right - sorry

Yes you’re probably right - you can move instruments between players (would be quite handy to be able to opt-drag and so duplicate instruments between players)

In Setup mode, right click on the Layout in the right-hand panel and choose Duplicate Layout.

No I don’t want to duplicate a layout. I simply want a quicker way of reproducing all the same music in a new part.

David, what exactly do you mean with “part”?

“Score” - a layout with more than one player (if not all players), containing one or more (or even all flows) of a piece
“Part” - layout with one player/instrument, containing one or more (or even all flows) of a piece

If you want the music to remain the same, and remain in sync with the source, would clef and transposition overrides that you can set per-layout be what you’re looking for? E.g. if you wanted the same line to be playable by a Clarinet in Bb and a Horn in F.

If you want to change the music belonging to the duplicated player after copying, then copying manually is probably necessary. But there are tools at your disposal that might make the process quicker.

Sorry, I mean, in the language of Dorico, that I want to create a new player who has all the same music as another one.

Lillie, no the clef and transposition overrides are not the solution here.

This is simpler than perhaps I am making it sound. I have read the page about tools for making large selections. I want one tool to make a bigger selection than that: one that covers all flows in the project.

Then take advantage of Dorico’s ability to Duplicate a player’s Layout and then make whatever changes you need to the duplicated version.

@Derrek He wants to duplicate the music, not just the formatting.

Copying Flow by Flow isn’t too bad unless you have a lot of them. Then it can be tedious. If you have many Flows, the best option may be to duplicate the File.

David, still a question, as I am trying to understand: what for do you need another player with the same music? Can’t you just make an additional layout and hand this to your extra player?
I might have completely misunderstood you: do you mean “extra staff” / “extra stave” in your score, containing the same music?
If so, I did not get your meaning of “part” right.

I assume that the official Dorico terms for what you call “duplicate a whole part” is “duplicate a player with content”.
No, there is no way in Dorico to duplicate a player with content.
The function “Duplicate Player” adds another player of the same type holding the same instruments as the original but without any musical content.

The way you are doing it (create a new player and then select and copy material in every flow separately) is the only way I am aware of to achieve what you want to do.

I have often to do this for almost the same reasons you mention (to create another part that can be edited, renamed, and included as a part in an alternative layout (arrangement) within the same project.)
And for anyone thinking “Why on earth would you want to do this?!?!” I can assure you there are situations where this is very usefull :wink:

The fastest way I found is to select the first bar in a flow, use the function Select To End Of Flow, copy into the new player, then repeat for the next flow.
Using a key command for this function makes it relatively fast.
But you surely know this already.

In Dorico you can copy music only within one flow.
On my side I would indeed welcome an additional function “Select To End Of Project”

In this context I found something interesting/funny:
you can select music in a whole flow and then, using the STRG key (windows), it is possible to select any additional bar from the next flow!
Note that you can only ad one bar at a time to your selection but when you copy and paste what you have selected only the content of the initial flow is copied, the additional bars will not be copied :wink: