Since Morning Steinberg Activation Manager & Cubase stuck at vstconnect & not opening

Since Morning Steinberg Activation Manager & Cubase 12 Pro stuck at vstconnect & not opening…It closes down each time I tried to reopen it…Is there any server problem of Steinberg…I have 100mbps speed Internet & the internet is working fine but the Cubase 12 Pro & as well as Steinberg Activation Manager & Steinberg Download Assistant (Gives application error)…
Can anybody helps Me as I am stuck in between My work…

According to a quick search on Google, the error from the last screenshot seems to have to do with missing files. This could have been caused by a bad system shutdown or a virus.

If restarting your computer doesn’t help, try to uninstall the Steinberg Download Assistant then download it again:

You can also download the latest Steinberg Activation Manager, and let the installer “repair” your installation of needed:

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Thanks a lot for the reply…I am trying to uninstall & reinstall it again but one more thing I want to ask that if I do not deactivate or download activation manager doesn’t start than how can I deactivate the license of the old installation because it does not deactivated from download activation manager…Is there any other way to deactivate the license as there are no option showing on the Steinberg My account section to deactivate the license…Then what will be the procedure to deactivate the license instead using download activation manager

Deactivation can only be done through the Steinberg Activation Manager. I believe that your activation should still be valid when you get the application working again.

To deactivate licenses that you no longer have access to, please contact support through your MySteinberg, or contact your local Steinberg distributor:

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Now it is showing no license in download activation manager & showing Used on two computer’s one is My mac & other is pc (on pc it’s not working & showing no license)

Is the Steinberg Activation Manager on this PC up to date? The latest version is 1.3.1 (or

Is the Steinberg Activation Manager logged in to the correct MySteinberg account? Try pressing the button to the top right, logging out, then logging back in again.

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Yes everything is updated yesterday till late night I worked properly but since morning it’s not working & now it’s showing on PC no license & License used on My Steinberg Account…Also there is no proper way to contact directly to Steinberg support as there is no direct email where I can contact…It’s very irritating…I am using other Daw’s also there is inbuilt deactivation option itself in the DAW Company’s personal account to deactivate but here on Steinberg there is no such option nor an easy way to contact the Steinberg Support…

Now it stucks on while opening Cubase 12 at Initializing: vstconnect.dll…What is this error for ?

You can try uninstalling VST Connect if you don’t plan to use it. Check if Cubase is able to finish starting up after doing that.

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Ok I will try this Thanks a lot…