SL One instead 9 Pro after license upgrade

Hi there!
It’s happened only to me?
Anyone with the same issue?
I have bought the license upgrade from SL8 Pro to SL9 Pro.
I have insert my access code,the license was replaced by the latest version.
After this I downloaded the SL9 and installed through Steinberg Installation Manager.
Ok,after all I Started my new software and…Surprise! The banner at the start said: “Spectralayers One”.
All functions are limited exactly as the SL One in bundle with Cubase 12 Pro!
Where did I go wrong?

Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and activate your license.

Make sure that you’re running the latest version, which is It should be downloaded automatically when you run the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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I had already done these steps. In the E-licenser I went to check if the old license was active but it tells me: Spectralayers Pro 8 Upgraded to Spectralayers Pro o with Steinberg Licensing)

Can you post a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager ?

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By “activate your license” I mean that you should click the Activate button in the Steinberg Activation Manager, have you done that?

All other Steinberg software automatically activates their own licenses on startup if they’re available, but Spectralayers doesn’t. You have to click the Activate button manually.


ok guys,sorry for my ignorance…I confused Steinberg Activation Manager with Steinberg Download assistant…

Now all it works fine!

Thank you for your time

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In fact I’ve never needed it before

Hi @Romantique_Tp

I clicked the “Activate” button in the SAM as you wrote, it changed to “Deactivate”, but instead of the middle column saying “Activated” like my Cubase Pro 12, it says “Verification Pending (expires on 2023-06-07)”. It remains so even after I hit the refresh icon.

Did something go wrong, or should I just wait a while (not sure exactly what verification is pending …?)

Thank you!

UPDATE: I waited a bit, and then I found I actually do have SpectraLayers Pro 9.0.20 that opens as a Cubase 12 extension. But I’m still a little unsure about what is going on, because the SAM still has the same “Verification Pending (expires on 2023-06-07)” message, even after refresh.

I wonder if I should be worried?

Thank you!

Please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your PC, run the eLicenser Control Center, and click the Maintenance button to the top right.

Note that you can’t upgrade from SpectraLayers One, which is included with Cubase. If you never owned a SpectraLayers Elements/Pro license before and you purchased an upgrade, it’s likely that this upgrade license is invalid and cannot be verified.

You can contact the Steinberg Online Shop Support to request a refund.

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Thanks, Romantique_Tp!

I had SpectraLayers 8 Pro, it came free with Cubase 12 Pro, and I had been using it here and there.

I guess because it was free, Steinberg felt it wasn’t available to update from … ?

Either way, I have purchased the full version of SpectraLayers 9, SAM shows it as “Activated” without a “Verification Pending (expires on …)” message, and I have asked steinberg@support-asknet for a refund.

Greatly appreciated, @Romantique_Tp ! :slight_smile:

What you got for free with Cubase 12 is not SpectraLayers Pro 8 but SpectraLayers One 8, the light version of SpectraLayers.

OK, thanks, @Robin_Lobel . It’s confusing to me because the Help>About splash page (which I can’t capture because it goes away when I do SNIP in w10) says SpectraLayers Pro8, “8.0.20 Build 281”, and I was using special tools I thought weren’t included in SpectraLayers One 8 (I guess incorrectly, based on some guys’ youtube vids), as shown below:

So that was SpectraLayers One 8 after all?

Anyway, I’m glad to own my newly purchased SpectraLayers Pro 9 (thus says my new splash page) :slight_smile:

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(From the Help>About menu in my SpectraLayers 8 which came free with my Cubase 12)

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That’s indeed SL Pro 8.

Very nice, I got an email from asknet already saying they canceled my update order and my account would credited (I assume that means my credit card account!) in the next seven days.

Thinking this whole thing over … looks like I inadvertently received SpectraLayers Pro 8 instead of SpectraLayers One with Cubase 12. What that did was induce me to pay for the full version of SpectraLayers 9 when it came out .

I may never have upgraded if I hadn’t gotten used to the advanced functionality of the full version that was inadvertently delivered. Maybe that can serve as the basis for a new kind of marketing!! :grin:

It sounds as if you had an eLicenser with an All Applications 25-hour licence connected.


@Romantique_Tp @alexis No you are correct bro i did exactly the same as you and purchased the upgrade after the cubase 12 bundle standalone had spectra 8 pro ( clicked about to check it was P8 and even messages steinberg to check i could use upgrade to pro 9 b4 i bought it .

it worked perfect even when i reinstalled it a few months ago , all simple and straight forward alongside my elicenser dongle running wavelab pro key ( i transfered my backbone and elektra to steinberg licensing a while back ) All working fine got lots saved projects all good… THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS MONTH… :wink:
i had a FreSh install of windows after a formatted drive ( so no old dll’s / folders / old install fragments or conflicts could be causing this ) completely nice perfect job as always every couple of years i do it to keep things lightning quick as possible .

Now after a perfect step by step install and the silly instructions on the steinberg my products / download access code / troubleshooting steps (like logout of stein activation manager etc etc ) it just tries to open elicenser (latest ver ) control when you click the steinberg upgrade spectra 8 to 9 button even though it shouldnt and then elicenser says click upgrade and you do , then it says no such license exists to upgrade ( which it should really as its steinberg license ) No matter how many reinstalls reg clean - maintanence / recover on elicenser - re installing everything steinberg just incase it works - de auth’s - installing spectra to a different place etc etc It just will NOT have it lol!

spectralayers Pro 8 still runs perfect so does everything else but pro 9 when you click it all it does is launch SP one 9 lol . Even the emails saying pro 9 will stop working in 1 day click this and that and help steps on a million tangends in troubleshooting sections dont do a damn thing . its gotta be some kind of bug/conflict some people are gonna be the unlucky hw / win version combo owners that will set it off as its just confusing/contradicting itself no matter what steps you follow on the stein site . Even elicenser control is thinking what the hell are you trying to upgrade on me , that dont exist lol

if anyone wants a Video posted of step by step and showing all the help steps dont do anything and want to watch spectralayers pro 8 still load very happily , just say and ill post it for ya’s :wink:

Fix This please steinberg - i really cant be waiting ten years for a ticket and back and forth email taking forever . Things dont work for a year then just change and totally just not do what the install/activation steps say (and worked everytime previously as they should because its simple stuff )

thanks you lot . Much Luv - SOME PICS ATTATCHED - tried to hide keys but you can see whats happening roughly

If you don’t have a SpectraLayers Pro 8 license, then the SpectraLayers Pro 9 upgrade cannot be applied. Please request a refund as instructed above.

Your SpectraLayers Pro 8 will revert to SpectraLayers One as soon as the 24 hour emergency license in your USB-eLicenser dongle runs out.

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@Romantique_Tp I Ha ve still got spectralayers Pro 8 and pro 9 was working for a year . Nothing is reverting or emergency dongle :wink:

Check the eLicenser Control Center, do you see a SpectraLayers Pro 8 license?

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