Slash region handle selection really annoying?

Jeepers, sorry to keep up the negativity. I assure you I have almost nothing but great things to say about Dorico - I guess it’s super jarring when something doesn’t work well because I’m getting so used to it being great!

Does anyone else have problems selecting the handles of slash regions sometimes? Often as I click the handle Dorico just selects the bar number instead which leads me to do an RSI inducing dance going back and forth to try and drag the handle. After a while I can usually get it but it’s pretty annoying! Has anyone else had this problem?

I often need to make adjustments as the form changes in an arrangement and this is pretty frustrating after a while. I usually end up just deleting the slashes and remaking them. Hardly the intended design.


Z to zoom in, X to zoom out when the deed is done. It’s the cure for what ails most of these sorts of woes.

Makes no difference at all on my end. Even all the way in to 1600%… Not to mention how annoying that would be from a workflow perspective of trying to see where you are dragging to.

Hi fhrw, sorry you’re having trouble with selecting slash region handles. On the off-chance you weren’t already aware, you can also lengthen/shorten slash regions using the key commands for lengthening/shortening: Shift-Alt/Opt-Left arrow for shorten, Shift-Alt/Opt-Right arrow for lengthen. These work when any part of a slash region is selected, doesn’t have to be one of the end handles. Dragging the handles can be faster than the key command method, although that depends on the rhythmic grid resolution.

Same here. Two out of three times I can’t drag region handles - either for slash regions or for repeat endings. Zooming in doesn’t help.

Shift-Alt-Arrows do work (after I google for the correct shortcut), but this needs to be fixed.