Slow audio engine connection

I’d be grateful for some help if possible. I have recently cloned my C drive a new faster m.2 SSD and have reinstalled Dorico 3.5 pro, Cubase 10.5 and various VSTs. After some changes to the whitelist and permissions, these VSTs are usable by Dorico. My system uses a UR12 interface. I am finding that Dorico loads slowly and is waiting for the audio engine connection for sometimes up to 30 secs. To date it hasn’t crashed or timed out but this is becoming annoying. I don’t recall it being quite this slow before.

I’ve tried reading around the forum and have tried the following

  1. Driver for the audio interface - it has the latest from Steinberg
  2. I’ve tried killing the audio engine and synsopos in the task monitor.
  3. Dorico has been reinstalled.
  4. I’ve cleared the audio engine cache and even tried resetting the audio engine data within Dorico preferences
  5. I’ve tried a different user account but experience similar delays to loading.
  6. I’ve reinstalled the eLicenser software.
  7. I’ve looked for historical Waveshell files, I’m not sure I’ve checked correctly as per the video (, as I use a pc rather than mac but there don’t seem to be historical files.

None of these actions seem to resolve the problem.

I’ve attached a diagnostics report from the last attempt 17:21 12 Jul 2020. If there’s anything else I can send to help identify the issue please let me know.

Many thanks.
Dorico (1.15 MB)

Thanks for the data, but I’ve found nothing obvious. The audio engine keeps the logs of the last ten runs, and I can indeed see from the time stamps, that there are sometimes huge gaps, but not on every run and not always at the same point during start up. One startup was very fast, only about 6 seconds, others very slow with gaps of 20s or more. So that suggests to me, that it is nothing in the audio engine, but that the audio engine gets held back by something external, but I can’t tell what at this stage.
May I suggest following:

  • Stop Dorico
  • Start the TaskManager
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico3.5\VSTAudioEngine and double click the VSTAudioEngine.exe to start just the audio engine by itself
  • Wait for 1 minute, then kill the VSTAudioEngine process via the TaskManager
  • Repeat the starting, waiting and killing 3 times
  • Start Dorico and create another diagnostics report and post here.
    Thank you very much

Thanks Ulf.

Here is the new diagnostics file. I also noticed the audio engine ended itself before the minute was up without my intervention. On the last time it said it was initialising- were you expecting that?

Thanks again
Dorico Diagnostics (1.48 MB)

Actually, it’s just the splash screen that goes away, but the audio engine continues running. But anyway, it would be really best to have from your machine a recording with ‘Windows Performance Recorder’. So please check if on your system the Windows Performance Recorder is installed. I don’t know if it is preinstalled on every Windows edition, on mine it is. WPR records statistics about every process running on the system.
If you have it, then run the recorder and press the ‘Start’ button in the Performance Recorder and then start up Dorico. Stop the recording when Dorico has started up and save to disc. The data may become pretty big and you won’t be able to attach it here. Please use a file sharing service like for example DropBox instead and post a link to it here.
The only downside is, I’m currently on vacation and can’t analyze the data before I return to office on July 24th. So I have to ask for your understanding an patience, please.

Ulf, I appreciate you answering emails during your holiday. I’ll send you the recordings from a couple of start ups for comparison.

Many thanks and enjoy your time off.

Hi Ulf

Please find below a link to the two recent attempts to start up Dorico. I look forward to hearing from you after your holiday.


Many thanks, will have a look as soon as possible. I don’t know, do you get automatic notifications when I reply to this thread, or do you have to actively poll for updates?

No rush. I think I have to log in and hunt for the thread. But you can always pm me, if that helps?


These days I’m often having to restart my pc otherwise the audio engine connection hangs apparently endlessly. After a restart Dorico 4 seems to start quite quickly. Seems odd that this is necessary but it does cure whatever problem is causing it.

Could you please provide me with a diagnostics report? Thanks

Will do

I have a pretty fast Intel 9th gen i7-9750 machine and it always takes about 30 seconds to start waiting for the audio engine, and always has done. I thought that was normal. Should I be reporting a slow start? It’s consistently this long or longer. Does not bother me though.

Hi @Andro ,

I am interested in your slow starting, so could you please create a diagnostics report and post here? Thanks

It was the first program I ran this morning after switching on my Acer Nitro 5 laptop. I’m using Dorico 4 Pro in conjunction with Notation Express on a Stream Deck. My 4-core laptop running Windows 10 has 32Gb of ram. After 7 minutes I gave up waiting for the audio engine to connect and did a restart. After restating the audio engine immediately connected and Dorico 4 ran normally. A restart appears to resolve the problem every time although I have know idea why this should be, Both times my laptop was connected to my home wifi network operating at 5G but I’m able to start Dorico 4 even if my pc is not connected to the wifi.

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

Hi @andhy, you wanted to provide me with a diagnostics report…

I didn’t have a clue what you were referring to but I worked how to run the report. Problem is I don’t know where Windows stores it. The event viewer holds a mass of data but I don’t have a clue what I’m supposed to be looking for.

The report is called Dorico and is normally saved to the desktop. Nothing to do with Windows Event Viewer.

In Dorico, please choose from the menu Help >Create Diagnostics Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please post that here. Thanks

Says sorry file is more than 4Mb. Can you give me an email address to send it to instead?

Please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de