Small backward slur in repeat ending...

Hi community,

is there an option that automatically recognizes that a slur that reaches into ending 1. also has to be there in ending 2.
There needs to be a little backward slur.

Do i have to accomplish it manually and drag a slur from ending 2. a little backwards…?

I’m sure you can do a more beautiful job than I’ve done here, but here’s a workaround using a laisser-vibrer tie (which you add by selecting the note in the second time bar and flicking the switch in the properties panel).

Bear in mind that when you drag the points around the mouse needs to go in the opposite direction to the direction you want the points to move in! This is a hazard of reversing the direction of the l.v. tie.

Thank you,
this is at least a little bit easier than with slurs… but still very workaroundish

There has to be added a “backwards slur” option in the properties panel

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I’m sure it’s already on the team’s radar.

November 2021… I’m afraid it has dropped from the radar?

No, it’s not dropped from the radar, but it’s complicated to do properly, and we haven’t yet been able to devote the necessary time to implement the proper and complete solution.