Smaller Dongel?

Hi There!

I’m recently traveling alot by train, and while sitting there i often do audio edits, route projects, do cleanups, etc.

I’m using a Laptop with 4 USB Prots, so everything i need can be connected directly without a hub.

The problem is, the dongle emerged out of the USB Port alot, and often when someone walks by (gangways are really small…) he/she run agains my dongle, and one time someone got stuck and ripped it out of my USB Port.

I’m using Magix Sequoia at work, which also uses a dongle as protection, but the Sequoia dongle is tiny compaired to the elicencer dongel. (2 mm to 45 mm, roughly).

My question would be: is there a smaller version available (did’t find any info on the website), or are there future plans to ‘minimize’ the dongle?

This would be really convenient for all those users who travel alot or use a laptop as their main worksation…

fyi: software elicener is not an option, because there is no internet at the train and on my main workstation at home, and i always switch systems with the same licence.

Cheeres, Tomess

+1 +use militarized material for ruggedized!

There is a smaller dongle…Steinberg have a pic in the knowledgebase and one user confirmed he has this dongle (ironically they had broken it)
I don’t know why this is not available to buy as a replacement…Maybe they are making too much money off replacing the broken longer dongles.

Oh Wow! I didn’t know that…thx!! :smiley:

Now…where to buy? :question:

Find yourself a short USB extension cable…that way you can have the dongle at another angle.

I have a small self-powered USB hub that is attached to a short cable, and this enables me to have all my dongles (including eLicenser and iLok2) on a single USB port, without worrying about it being knocked.