Smartav tango & nuendo 8.3

I’m a Nuendo 8.3 user and I’m working with Avid Artist Mix & Control on a PC windows 7 64bits.
I have the oportunity to buy a used Smartav Tango 2.

how does the smartav tango behave with nuendo?
does the tango work well with the new fonctions fo nuendo?

Sometimes I mix movies that need more than 100 tracks, will the tango follow?

Do you know if the use with the artist mix at the same time can be problematic?

A big thank you in advance for your responses.

I don’t have a Tango and have never used one.
But do you seriously want to buy a control surface that’s been out of service for such a long time?
I mean, you will need to make it fit into your studio ergonomically and then suddenly with a small update everything breaks…

In fact I use the tango regularly with pyramix and it’s still a great machine.
I think it’s better than the artist mix and control Or S3

But it would be a shame that it does not work as well with Nuendo. Or that an update breaks everything …

I hope someone who uses it can answer me quickly so that I can make a decision

Are you on Mac or PC? User Fenderchris is/was using Tango on PC and reported some problems. Until recently I was using N8.2 on Mac with Tango 2. The only issue I ran into is that it was taking Nuendo as much as 10 seconds to update the faders when I changed configuration. I’ve switched to PC recently and plan to try my Tango on this system, just haven’t had the opportunity to make the switch yet. john

Thank you for the answer.
Actually I had read your answer on tangouser.

I am on w7 64bits.

I sent an MP to Fenderchris but I have no news.
If you have the opportunity to use the tango on PC, I am very interested in your opinion and your return

Call me a prophet :wink:

:angry: Nooo Tango’s not dead :angry: