OMG!!! :astonished: Finally.

After countless tries to activate it finally worked (shame on that one Steinberg)

Smooth scrolling its here and they didn’t even talk about it.
this is worth the upgrade alone.
Love squasher and the meter.
Scales are dope, feels like every daw came out with the same feature at the same time (ableton11)

Overall, I recommend the upgrade, No issues as of yet.

The new daw Mojo is in
time to work!

yeah this is the best Cubase made so far

Does anybody know if this is working on Windows as well? Or just for Mac?

OP, any chance you can record a small video/gif? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere or in any video.

It’s due to the conversion to metal, it is mentioned in the documentation.

The scrolling looks good in this video!

Smooth scrolling? Was never an issue (for me) on Windows. Works like a charm…

Love the new features…

Cubase 11 Pro is awesome…

I suppose that you have installed C11 on a more recent Mac than that you show in you sign (Hight Sierra).
Glad to know about the smooth scrolling I’ve asked for years.
Can you tell me if now is possible to zoom also vertically with a key + magic mouse?

“Smooth scrolling? Was never an issue (for me) on Windows. Works like a charm…”

Same here,never had that issue.

That’s because it’s a Mac thing! Graphics performance has been poor on Mac for some for quite some time. I never had an issue personally, but I can tell it’s notably smoother now.

Hello, I still have the same machine but with the latest OSX and no, you cannot zoom veritably still LMAO, I know, something so simple and they still
don’t add it.

WOW, smooth scrolling its something like to a miracle! Does smooth scrolling also work with a magic mouse?

I do not see any reason why smooth scrolling would not be possible with a magic mouse.

Yes it does. And is supper stable. I only had one crash and that’s because I was messing with a 3rd party cracked lol

Do I understand correctly that “smooth scrolling” is only the case in OSX?
On Windows 10 it is still “jumps between the content” with both horizontal and vertical zoom?

That’s not smooth, right?

In Cubase 11 on MacOs the smooth scrolling appear (I’m with Magic Mouse):
1 - when you “scroll” vertically and horizontally with the mouse WHEEL (up/down and left/right);
2 . when you click on the ruler bar and “drag” up or down for horizontal zoom
In these cases the graphics transitions are smooth and not framed anymore.
This behaviour is valid in the project window and in the editors (Key, score, audio…). Also the Media browser now scroll smoothly but ONLY in sound packs and plugin pictures views, NOT smooth, instead, in the loop/media list.

We don’t have smooth transitions when:

1 - zoom with key commands (G, H, cmd+G, cmd+H), this is normal because keys are step;
2 - zoom with cmd+weel (horizontal view)…this could be enhanced for sure, Cubase lacks also the vertical zooming with mouse weel.

The video posted by @avavav seems to show only zooming with keys.

Perfect, thanks.

The video shows cmd+weel zooming/scroling.

It’s getting better, but it’s not perfect yet. Large projects with many instances of Kontakt are still laggy, as are some smaller projects.
Pardon my cynicism, but I’m expecting many years -and therefore many paid updates- until the problem is fixed. IF it will ever be truly fixed.