Snap Midi Notes Functionality In Main Project Window

After importing a midi file containing 16 midi tracks which has been recorded using backing styles from GM Keyboard keyboard.
It would be very useful **if in the PROJECT WINDOW Cubase allowed Users to Set L and R Locators, Ctrl + A Select all, ZOOM IN and allow users to DRAG and ALIGN / SNAP A CHOSEN MIDI NOTE TO THE BAR OR BEAT OF THEIR CHOICE **
I have attached image to show better what i am talking about,this is a ZOOMED IN IMAGE that does not show the Midi Part Start and Ends but these have been selected.
So after importing this example i want Track 1 ElPiano 2 To Start/Snap To Bar 5 and Tracks,2.3,4,5, move to the right in Sync/Proportion
To the best of my very limited Cubase knowledge this cannot be done in the Main Project Window,if that is the case i think it would be a very useful feature

Check out the In-Place Editor

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Thanjs very much i will do

Afraid not, i need to select all midi file,multiple tracks,and just align the main 4 click,one bar drum intro to land BANG ON THE START OF A BAR

Try this

  1. In the Key or In-Place Editors, select the alignment Note & on the Info Line see what the difference is between its actual Starting position and where you want it to Start. Write that number down.
  2. In the Project Window Select all your MIDI Parts and on the Info Line subtract that number (to move earlier or add to move later) to whatever value is already in the Start field.
  3. This will move all your Parts together by that amount

Indeed it is not possible to snap MIDI Parts from the notes, there is no Snap Point unlike for Audio Events.

So you have either have to resize the start of the MIDI Parts, or use Ctrl + Alt do drag the notes inside the Part, or a combination of both.

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