Snow Leopard won't let Cubase Pro 8 run!

Hi to all and Merry Xmas everybody.

I have just purchased the new Pro 8 and have just learned it can be installed only on the Mountain Lion OS or newer.
I find it outrageous. Ive got a machine, MacPro Quad, that served and continues to serve me flawlessly for many years in a row and is fast enough even for this day. But the Snow Leopard IS THE LAST OS it can accommodate.

I simply cannot run my new Cubase 8 on it.

OR CAN I? Any ideas?

Thank you.

I would too find it outrageous, if I bought a software package without checking out the system requirements first. I would kick myself to my ar*e as hard as I could.


You were supposed to say something useful. But you chose to fart some patronising shit out of your smart-assish gob.
There was no such thing as “software package”, for I actually upgraded it from my C7.5. The thing went without saying that the Pro 8 would run under Snow Leopard, just as the previous Cubs did. Methinks, Steinberg had to warn their customers in huge red letters about the change of order, which they failed.

There is one thing, however, you forgot to say. You should have shouted “noob” at me, just as kids do when they play COD online.


But did you tried to install it? Maybe it is only not supported (I’m only only guessing here).

But I agree with Jarno regarding the requirements. Doesn’t matter if you are buying an upgrade or a new complete software. You should always check system and hardware requirements.

Sure I did.

Look, I do know by myself these things. Yes, I screwed up, I did not pay attention at the requirements; I just did everything the old way, as I collected my Cubases 6 to 7.5, buying online.

But the topic’s slogan is “any ideas?”, not patronising spam from some arrogant idiot with dog’s haircut.

Thank you.

Is there a reason why you can’t upgrade your OS? After all, it’s free to do so.

Sure there is, otherwise I would have definitely done so :slight_smile:
The thing is, I own a 2007 MacPro Quad which still runs quite fast; I do my videos on it, albeit a bit slower. All sonic jobs go without problems. I just don’t want to waste money on new gear. I am too old and too smart for that.
And a Mac of that year or older does not accept anything newer than Snow Leopard. Sad but true.

You have some options:

  1. Try a refund
  2. Keep the new license and use an older version with snow leopard (and if you buy a new computer the license will be ready)
  3. Buy a new computer

can’t see more options if Cubase 8 can’t be installed on snow leopard (and I sympathize with you, because sometimes I use a Macbook pro with SL, and it is an amazing OS).

Sorry I must have misread your original post. That is indeed unfortunate, but something Apple does frequently to force us to upgrade, often unnecessarily IMO.

Thanx Makumbaria.

I think, meanwhile I will use my Pro 8 on Windows via Boot Camp and wait till Steinberg releases an 8.0.1 update which will work on Snow Leopard. I know it’s a bit naive, hehe, but I am sure there are plenty of guys with the very same problem out there, and that could be of some pushing on Steinberg :slight_smile:

see below thread:

Snow leopard users need to be vocal about having the installer modified or to show us a work around to get Cubase Pro
on 10.6.8

Over 25% of mac pro users are still running SL

Wow that’s quite an answer Marcus. Let’s hope someone will guide us.
I see no reason why should I abandon my good old gear with Snow L.

Noone has to give up their current setup. There are simply two options:

  • Keep updating and stay current on Cubase and OS/ hardware.
  • Stay where you are with Cubase and OS/ hardware.
    Keyword here is ‘and’.

We don’t need the option to be passive when there is certainly a way to have this installer modified for SL users.

In life, if you don’t ask, you’ll get nothing…

Yamaha abandoned the most revolutionary technology since midi (MLAN)

There are lots of musicians out there who have perfectly good hardware (o1x, i88x,etc…) turned into paper weights because Yamaha will not update the driver for 64 bit in OS X and Windows 7/8.

MLAN users know what low latency these devices were able to get down to through FW and it’s a shame that they have been made inoperable by a thriving international Billion dollar corporation that is still in existence, still profitable, and still capable of putting some resources toward updating the driver if they wanted to.

This isn’t like Opcode or some other company relegated to the dustbins of history. Motu and RME are updating drivers for devices made way before Dr. Dre and Eminem released “Forget About Dre”.

Bill Clinton was still in the White House and Motu is (In 2014) updating drivers for the original 2408 mk i. The i88x blows it out of the water, but its like having a Ferrari with no wheels up on blocks :frowning:

I produced and mixed a record that went to #1 on Mtv Tempo with MLAN and had to get An Apogee Symphony i/o blown out with cards, a summing mixer, a Mackie Control Pro, and still don’t have the functionality that I had.

The most frustrating thing is that they are using a version of MLAN on the MR816X, Motif XS, and the N12.

Conversely, Snow Leopard is a stable and efficient operating system that many Mac users are still running with no issues.

Why do we have to go through potential chaos, the losing of plug ins and the ability to for example jump from 7.5 into Cubase 5, then use the old vst bridge for older ppc plugins (prosoniq, tc native, etc…), process and render them as audio and then reopen the project in 7.5 1-2-3?

Why do we have to lose a program like Disk Warrior that has saved many people on this forum since it has not been updated and will not run on Yosemite?

I know its possible if we remain vocal that Steinberg/Yamaha can modify the install for us SL users.

Look how long we griped about bounce in place and now we have it ;^)

We can do face transplants, which I think may be a little more difficult to pull off than a work around for the Cubase Pro 8 installer.


you deserve a monument for this post. Thank you, you are absolutely right.

thanks C9sus4!!!

I don’t need a monument though, I just want the SL Installer or some genius teenager in Russia to find a work around :slight_smile:

There are many people I know who rely on their mac to earn a living doing music that are still using SL.

I know several people who have reverted back from Mavericks who refuse to be Yosemite beta testers

With the help of more people voicing their displeasure, I really hope that Steinberg will expedite a solution for us

Your example with MLAN and other hardware cannot be compared with a major recording program that was developed for the current OSes (however sad the MLAN case is). You’re expecting a new product (CP8) to be backwards compatible, while in the hardware case people want the same hardware to remain operating with current OSes. Hardware may be expected to last much longer than versions of software, plus drivers are relatively easy to develop.

Sorry to say, but it’s not matter of just making the installer compatible with Snow Leopard. As one of the Developers wrote in the thread linked above:

It has to deal with the architecture of the software itself, not just the installer.

I don’t think Steinberg should have to support anything an OEM doesn’t (in terms of OS).

The real problem here was Apple arbitrarily and artificially crippling first generation Mac Pros, where they need not have.

It was a greedy decision.

I went through this saga with my very capable (to this day) 2006 Mac Pro Quadcore, with over 16 gigs of ram on it.

What especially sad is those 2006/2007 quad core Xeons were way ahead of their time in terms of floating point performance (what real-time plugins want).

That, and the fact that Intel had not, until only very recently, made significant improvements to floating point in their consumer-grade processors, puts that 2006/2007 Mac Pro on almost equal footing with 2010/2011 consumer-grade CPUs (in terms of floating point).

I had a real-time mastering chain running on my Mac Pro that only, finally, after many years later, would an inexpensive 2011 quad core PC could finally run the exact same chain.

It’s still to this day very competitive at DSP.

C9sus4, you may want to consider running Reaper on it (which IS supported) and using it as a real-time FX chain (into Cubase), like I did.

Find and old MOTU audio interface with ADAT (or similar), and you have 4 stereo external FX to matrix between it and your new Cubase machine.

Or, use just its built-in 2-channel optical to offload your stereo buss and mastering chain duties (like I did).

Think of it as racks of gear in a shiny case. :smiley:

Reaper runs insanely good on it and will really take advantage of all the cores.

[Note: There’s a pref option in Reaper to use multiple cores for real-time processing (i.e., not during playback).]