So are we officially not supported?

I am just wondering if there will be any more updates for the MR series or is this the end?

The lack of response to forum requests on here from official yamaha/steinberg staff is a real disappointment…

I cannot afford to buy a “real” interface due to spending my hard earned cash on two MR816x’s only to find the Fully featured and flexible routing for all inputs and outputs was not true and was misleading…

If you are not going to support us any more we deserve to know… We are tired of the silence…

I received this from ed on august 3rd 2011

"Hi Greg,

I am sorry for the silence on this one. I have forwarded it to the engineering team in Japan and as soon as I have any news on this I will let you know!


So Japan have not given any news? Or have they said they aren’t doing anything and never will… How can you state a feature then not have it and not apologize just accuse us your customers of not reading it right…

Steinberg make an official honest genuine statement in regards to this… If it is that we will NEVER have the feature YOU PROMISED then so be it… We don’t have the money to take action so you are safe… But we can chose in the future weather to trust your word on a product.

I state here that I LOVE Cubase and Wavelab and have and always will use them as my primary DAWS… I will continue my relationship with Steinberg from that angle but once I can afford to move to a new interface I will most definitely be doing it as your Hardware division (seemingly Yamaha) dont give a rats you know what about their customers and wont admit that they posted features without testing and seeing if they were able to achieve the promises at hand!)

So finally please make an OFFICIAL statement to your customers in regards to this issue!


Don’t hold your breath on it…yes they are THAT good…



I agree that an official statement is not an unreasonable thing to ask for.



If you can still buy it in the store (without some sort of warning sticker, sale price, warning from the salesperson, or anything on their web site) I say it should be supported. I bought mine 2 weeks ago. Not on sale, not a peep from anyone at Long & McQuade. The Steinberg web site looks like it’s still in their current roster.

Low priority, sure. Blatantly disregarded, I think that’s pretty uncool business practice.

I see that this is important to you but let’s keep this in one topic please.