So cubase 13 just released is it worth upgrading

I saw a few greats promos which causes a pause for the simple fact they got it for free and want say a the real deal… for those that upgraded is it worth $99 … just give your feelings?


Everyone is looking for different features and has different feelings. Therefore I would strongly recommend to download Trial version and make own impression.


For me Yes
Snappier , closes instantly with large projects and it feels very very sturdy .
Steinberg admitted there maybe graphical issues this time unlike with C12 so things are moving forward .
loads of nice little features that help the work flow .
Mixer Gui is a big pile of poo , white text is off putting BUT for workflow it seems better , easier to navigate , so over all are 12 hours with C13 , for me ? Defo Yes


Marmite… You’ll either love it or hate it…
I hate marmite but loving C13. :beer:


Upgraded on friday and having graphic issues… cubase 13 flickers when hover over icons… this is most unusable i have 2 30 monitors loads on both screens but the continuous problems with you highlight something the logo changes on goes white… my video card is AMD 6600xt


Cubase 13 has some of Good Feature and Bad

first the good

1-vocal comp plugin
2-vocal chain plugin
3-p1 pultec eq plugin
4-m5 midrange plultec eq plugin
5-Edit multiple part in midi editor
6-support midi 2.0
7-IMPORT TRACKS FROM PROJECTS Now is Better (the best feature for me)


-Still 4 Cues Only For musician Not Unlimited like studio one and other DAW
-still no local undo i dont know why
-cubase 12 vs cubase 13 No Cpu Improve
-still audio engine not improve
-cubase 12 vs cubase 13 Gui its back step really Bad Design
-still cannot resize every plugin also the new stock plugin
-in windows OS now the menu bar Doubled one for only Close the project and track name the other one for Menus List

so choose if the update worth for u

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Absolutely worth it. A lot of great workflow updates, feels snappier and so far very stable for me. The UI overhaul is really nice as well and I find 13 very enjoyable to work with.


Same here… Just upgraded and installed C13.0.10 Pro yesterday. Following what I have seen here and there, in the forum and UI related, I absolutely love this :

  • The new Channel strip, on the left of the inspector in the arrange view, as it allow us to have a direct access to the ‘Pre’ section of the MixConsole. A true workflow enhancement that I never even dreamt of, especially when dealing with different kinds of audio source (line, condenser or dynamic mics…), without having to open the MixConsole for this. Additionaly, we also get a direct access to the Strip section.

  • The new behavior of the inspector which more or less follows the suggestions done in an already old discussion (C11 days -2021). I’m glad to see to which point the advices exchanged in it have been taken into account : no more need to use the Ctrl to keep a given section opened and no more endless empty inserts/sends slots display : it’s a true relief. This with new reordering capability.

  • And contrarily to what I have read somewhere, we easily can skip some inserts slots to put a given insert in the fourth one, if needed (as shown in my screenshot - drag & drop also works in this case).

Overall, the new channel/track inspector combination is worth the upgrade alone. Congrats to the devs crew for that one. :+1:

Beside these, C13 seems already very stable, here, without additional strain on my system. This, with the workflow enhancements stated above, makes me already wonder if I shouldn’t uninstall the 12.0.70, already. I’m going to wait few weeks, though, as I need to make further tests.

Things I don’t like, though :

  • I truly would like to get a solution to the horrible menu bar display I am experiencing, with the full white titles backgrounds :

Happily the Alt key is my friend to toggle its display, but still…

  • And yes, the hard white content of almost every now flat buttons in the UI isn’t really a graphical improvement. Just hope that I’ll get used to it, at some point but after several hours of C13 usage, it still isn’t the case…

At the end, a worthwhile upgrade, AFAICS…

I must admit, they have thrown in so much stuff…I can’t believe the Iconica now comes with Cubase Pro 13…I am on 11 still and even so, I can’t believe the stock plugins which some are better than third party plugins…

I will wait for projects to finish and give it a go…

My initial reaction to the MixConsole GUI makeover wasn’t very positive. But after using it awhile plus some minor color tweaks (mostly to improve text readability) I’ve come around to it. But somewhat unexpectedly I’ve found it is noticeably easier to work with. Aesthetics aside, finding stuff just seems quicker & more straightforward. Having the Track Name on both the top & bottom of the rack is a very minor thing that makes a big difference.

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Do you know what , ive actually had a chance to test the new Pultecs and new comp and i’m pretty impressed , i wasn’t expecting to be but , they are really great sounding plugins . Big thumbs up from me :+1: :ok_hand:


Here’s how I think about upgrades:

  • Do you absolutely need a feature that’s in the new version? Then upgrade!
  • Has the old version expired such that it won’t get security updates or is no longer compatible with your system? Then upgrade!
  • Does the old version still do everything you need to do? Then wait for several bug fix releases to come out before you upgrade!

Sometimes, there’s a discount for upgrades early, and it might be worth paying for it to get the cheaper price, but actually USING the upgrade should typically wait until the bugs are all worked out, unless you really need the new features or have a hardware incompatibility that will be fixed by upgrading.



Even in this case, you can update already. Then you can benefit from the update enytime, you decide you are ready to go for it. In any time, you can test it, if it works for you already. Or you can make some projects in the new version and other projects in the old one.

If you want to update, there is no reason to wait.

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Nice, look forward to it! For me Squasher blew me away, pretty much transformed all of my productions to do with synths and electronic sounds in general!

…that’s me…11 works great for me so far, but I must admit, 13 has pull all the stops, I will upgrade when my current projects are sorted.

I used to do this, but then I realized if I knew for sure that I’d eventually buy the upgrade then it was better for me not to wait. The worst case when not waiting is there would be a major problem causing me not to use the new version of Cubase until the fixes are released. This is basically the same as waiting for the fix in order to buy it. However if there are no showstoppers then I get to use the shiny new features right away.

Granted this does create the risk that I pay for Cubase in advance of when I actually start using it - except that situation has never actually occurred for me.