So speaking of controllers for Nuendo, anyone use a Presonus Faderport?

I keep thinking about getting a physical fader device, but then never do, in part because I always look at big ones since they are oh so shiny and fancy, but I can’t figure out any good way to make space for them in my setup. A Faderport would work though, it would easily fit on my desk, no changes needed. It’s only a single fader but realistically that’d be fine for my needs, I’d mostly use it for manually drawing automation and for the transport functions.

Do they work reasonably well with Nuendo? If not, or even if so, anything else I ought to consider?

I have one that I used years ago and it was fine. Fader was relatively smooth. buttons were a bit hard and I ended up not using the customized functions that much in the end. It’s a generation 1 btw.

If you’re in NYC you can borrow it and try it out if you want.

That’s a generous offer but I’m on the other side of the country :slight_smile: . If I get it I’ll just buy form Big Daddy Bezos since there’s a good return policy there.

If you are thinking of a 1 fader Faderport (Faderport V2), I HIGHLY recommend it. A user on the Cubase forum has developed a midi script for it that works in Nuendo as well, and it works perfectly. No Mackie Control, no banks. Select Track 1, motorized fader snaps to the track level, select track 120, fader snaps to level. This used to not be possible without using banks…which are awful.

You can also edit the script inside of Nuendo to make any button do anything you want.

It has totally changed the way I work.

Long discussion here, but you can find the most up to date script on WEM’s website (which you can find on this thread somewhere)

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