So...when is the Japan relief effort/music coming?

I don’t have any money, but at least I could contribute something musically if something got started.

I posted within a similar thread about a possible effort for the folks in New Zealand, but there were no bites.

Seems everyone is “charitied” out?

Why just $1.00 ???, wasn’t he making 1.25 million per episode before he went bonkers? Cheap ba$tard.

He’s the half man, not Jake.

Just to get back on topic, I’d be happy to put something together for a benefit, we just need someone with the org skills to step up and org.

I personally don’t believe the media for a second. I can’t say I"m crazy about Charley Sheen, but I’m betting the stupidity and shallowness of the entertainment industry doesn’t apply only to music. Charley might just be PO’d about it in general, and I can’t blame him for that at least.

SE Asia Tsunami projects back in 2005 raised $0.
The more recent Haiti project raised close to $100

Ian always seems to meet more women who land on his doorstep and marry’s from these things > :laughing:

Actually, I did meet up with a Thai lady who ended up here, f**cked me over for a year, then she buggared off and I never saw her again. :imp: But that’s old news.
MY current wife has no connection with any global disasters! :smiley:

Sheen isn’t bonkers. He’s just _“slang name for urine”_ed off the Elite and they are denigrating him.

Don’t believe the hype

No, he’s just a total a-s-shole. And that’s not “hype”

He -may- be, but I’m still not convinced that this whole thing isn’t a brilliantly orchestrated
piece of performance art a la Andy Kaufman. He’s playing the media like a Stradivarius.
Check out the new youtube video called “Winning - a Song by Charlie Sheen”, where they tweaked
his interview with Autotune.
A star is reborn! :slight_smile:

Oh please. This is so facile I really don’t want to talk about it.

So you think that when a person

uses a racial slur against his employer
has habitual drug and alcohol problems
has physically attacked a number of women, incl his wife
basically tells us common folk that we envy him and that he’s better than us
frequents whores
neglects his children
badmouths other actors who didn’t do a f-ucking thing to him
(and that; just the stuff I remember)

that it’s all a matter of “hype?”

All I can say to that is:



Hi Steve

All the way through the Haiti Project, “Why?” was on my mind.

Asking WHY while actually DOING it felt a lot different from asking why whilst considering whether to do it or not. Didn’t make much money. Speaking for me, though, it made a lot of change ‘in’ me … changes which alter the way I respond to stuff happening in distant lands, on my doorstep, and in my home. It trained in me the beginnings of some “DON’T just Kneejerk either into either, ‘Help the Pooooor Bayeeees’ or ‘Don’t help the baybeees cos you’d just be supporting a Corrupt Global System’, you should Think Hard About it”

“Why? What good will it do?” I answer with “OK, then WHY do less or nothing? Will that have a better outcome?” Sometimes, refraining from action Does have a better outcome, but notice how that is a positive choice, a choice which is different from inaction due only to lack of obvious “yes’s” to the question “Why?”

Conversely, “Aw what the heck … unless there’s a good reason for NOT doing something, then soddit, let’s just do it,” is just, IMO, another way of staying asleep.

Steve, I’m bloody glad you’ve ‘Themed’ and are hosting this thread … Like, as with Robin’s Christchurch thread, you’re flagging up a ‘Let’s Think About it.’ You’re giving the question a load of wellie, and I reckon that’s needed, whether we’re thinking about it with guitars in our hands and and bellowing “Hunger,” “Ain’t it So,” and “Haitian Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies,” or standing around these fecking huge Global Holes in the Ground, as we are now, bum clefts hanging out our pants, leaning on our shovels, drinking mugs of hot tea and talking like … well, just like we are doing now. Is this a planning meeting? Is this a wake? Is it a checking of our moral ‘weapons’ and our motivations? Probably a bit of all, and more besides.

As I said to Robin re Christchurch, I say to you, Steve, re Japan: I volunteer to do spoken word and/or voiceovers, if needed.

Thanks again, and all the best

I’ve entertained the notion that Sheen is playing the media, but as Doug has said, there is simply too much negative reality stacked up against Sheen for me to believe this is the case… he is most likely mentally ill and self medicating. Listen to what his own father says about him. Its a sad story.

And yet we’ve always revered our rock stars for exactly this reason.
And remember, as Charlie has said - “I’m a rock star from Mars!” :sunglasses:

You can accuse me of being asleep all you want. 'Cause I usually am. :laughing: With that in mind, I started something with the “soddit, let’s just do it!” attitude.

One thing I think would be nice, is to have a pad / soft section at the end of the song, with someone speaking a revealing and poignant poem over it. Would you like to do something like that Glyn?

I gotta admire a 'Merican :wink: who can say “Soddit”! I’ll have a listen tonight, perhaps I can add something musically too… Glyn is the narrator extrordinaire! :sunglasses: :mrgreen:


It will be a Pleasure, John. Call that DEFINITE. You thinking about 20 seconds of content? I’m just going for a feel of the shape of the time.

Steve … hehe … there you go again - starting a thread like this. You’ve either lit the blue touch paper under a full blown Project, or under a serious discussion, or both. I’ve suddenly found words for it … ‘Getting people thinking’ … that’s what you do.

All the best

Yes, that about sums it up rather succinctly. :slight_smile:

Ahh, that old canard. Can you cite any studies or provide empirical proof of this? :laughing:

Awesome! Once I get the lyrics worked out (either by myself or with help), I’ll get you a basic theme / idea. You are so good with words to start with that you are welcome to write the actual poem.

…So this is where some positive thinking comes into play. IE… “A” for EFFORT! There are plenty of avenues that an open mind and some motivation can dig up. Before I get into that, I will say it does have to be a top notch release. Don’t stray too far into the alternative and progressive areas, but a little is nice. Keep it catchy with a commercial bent. Also give a little “heaviness” to it in the choruses for some meat to the ears. Maybe a little Zap guitar for some of that fruity flavor (whichever end it comes out of???) :laughing:

In regards to the “top notch” area, I’ll of course need some help in the mastering and some of the engineering parts of the project.

The beginning of the ideas:
First and foremost. Ask Steinberg to post it on their main site. This will look good for everyone, plus add significant exposure.
Everyone who has FaceBook and Twitter pages, add comments, links, and everyone who has websites add these API’s to their site.

Also, we can manipulate the lyrics in such a way as to not target just Japan, but disaster relief in general. Then apportion the proceeds to assistance in New Zealand and Haiti as well.

Yes, it will need a coherent team with their respective talents. Yes it will take some determination. But there’s not much of a downside to it if you think about it. We got together, made a cool song… with the main sacrifice being time. Something which many of us do anyway. So there is no reason not to at least try and put it to a good cause.

So let the ideas start flying! :stuck_out_tongue: