Song Starter / Japan Relief

Ok, so I started one. :smiley:

It’s called “For No Reason”. I just threw it together in about an hour or so to get something started. I’d be willing to take care of the arrangement and most of the production (always open to ideas though), but getting it mastered and printed for sale is something I’d need help with.

The only other request is that I have my singer sing on it. But anyone else who wants to jump in and put their tracks / ideas in there is welcome.

I’ll be working on it piecemeal and should have something more coherent by the end of the week, along with lyrics.

The core of the song is in Bb and will be recorded at 128 BPM - 32Bit(Float) / 48K. I have a website and can set up an ftp location for larger files.

Let me know what you guys would like to do. I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.

PS- I got a good giggle when Cubase said… Do you want to save this project “For No Reason?”. :laughing:

I like your progression, John. I’d be happy to pitch in with a bass track, vocal ideas/backups,
whatever you like. Let me know when you’ve got your arrangement worked out.


Hi John, as mentioned in the other thread, I’d like to contribute in some way, keys are my thing, you might have enough of them, but let me know if not.


Just to let you guys know, I’m quite solid with organization and mental direction, so you can count on me to get everything to fit into its place. :slight_smile:

Cool! You’re first choice then on the bass. If anyone else chimes in, you may have to share the glory, but you get the first choice of parts.

Thanks Robin, we can definitely share the load for keys. Here’s part of the plan.
When I get closer to the full arrangement, I’ll fill in the verses with just piano chords [just temporary fill].
You handle the rhythm for the verses, I’ll do the rhythm for the choruses and ambient pads.
Bridge is yet to be determined.

I’ll also need some loops in there. I don’t know where yet, but I’ll give you more details and the character as I get the arrangement fleshed out.


I’ll share the glory, but I won’t be sharing my limo or dressing room when we do the video shoot and subsequent tour. And I’ll need someone to remove the brown M&M’s. :imp:

Sounds like fun… keep us posted.

Can you squeak some pentatonic stuff in there John? Might give it more of an identity. Just a thought…

Hey Phil! Glad to see you’re finally around! (Even though I was only a member for a few months on the old forum). Pentatonic huh? My main keyboard influences and training was classical (hence my writing style), but there may be some room in the bridge for it. (also, once I hand the verses over to Robin, I won’t really know how it turns out until we’ve all got some of our parts cohesive. :slight_smile:

Of course, you could always jump in on the action and reserve a piece of the song. Being a keyboardist, I am really good at filling out other peoples styles on whatever instrument they play. :nerd:

My rather dotty Aunt Gladys says the Middle 8 should contain a HAARP solo. :wink:

Dotty = a bit round the bend, a few cards short a deck, a few fries short of a happy meal, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

dotty = a bit nutty in a likeable way

Although the google definition sums it up better

“informal or slang term for mentally irregular” :slight_smile:

Just to give you all a quick update. I have the song structure worked out (mostly) in my head. There is still the task of learning to play certain parts. :laughing:
Depending on how busy I am, I should have the song skeleton up by the end of this weekend or sometime next week. I’ve also gotten about 1/4 of the lyrics worked out. When I post the song skeleton, I’ll start a new “official” thread, complete with the theme idea, what the chords mean to me, and the emotion impact I’m striving for.

I know it might seem that this is a lot of control, but I don’t get attached to music in the writing stages from years of working with bands. I fully expect other peoples parts to change large chunks of the song, which I’m totally ok with. I’m also fine with changing / chopping keyboard sections and working with everyone elses input.

I would still like to have:

  • Horns
  • Guitars
  • Either live drums or programmed
  • Someone willing to work with me for some of the engineering and mastering.

If no one else wants to jump in, I can do these myself as well (or find someone locally), but I’d rather have the group here.
And I know I can’t do the mastering by myself. Just not experienced enough to get a CD master formulated.

So… that’s the status so far. I’ll keep you all updated.

[edit]- Forgot to mention I have an FTP account set up for this project on my website. Please email or PM for details.

Just had a listen to your link at the beginning of the thread, I take it nothing new in terms of audio yet since then… sounds interesting… see you are looking at next week.

Are you going to share the Cubase project or audio-only when time comes to collaborate?



John, I think you’re a wonderful guy, and I know your heart is in the right place. For me, it’s too upbeat, for lack of a better word. Maybe if I knew the lyrical context.

‘Dotty’ isn’t the equivalent of a low IQ.

“Dotty = a few cards short a deck, a few fries short of a happy meal” wouldn’t be correct. You don’t have to be retarded to be dotty. Dotty is more scatterbrained. :slight_smile:

btw - A Happy meal is already retarded. you don’t need to remove any fries :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I could do either. I’m not sure how much storage my FTP site allows (I set it to unlimited), I don’t think a gig or two would be a problem. The only issue I can forsee is the compatible plugins for mixing / mastering.

You’d have to keep the field versions kind of generic, and worry about final plugs at the time of mix… for specific sounds, us remotes could send back audio rather than midi. (or both really).

I can’t give a total description (as I don’t have it all in place yet). But here’s an idea. The lyrics are introspective and I guarantee that they will pull the music towards the extent of what we all feel when it comes to seeing that devastation.

But… I also have to make them religiously and politically benign without them losing any of their impact. This is about what we see, how we feel when we see it, and hopefully will result in a core reaction to the impact this will have on us.

Anyway… that’s the idea. I think most people are waiting for the v1.1 alpha to make their decisions anyway. :laughing: