Soft eLicenser. How to delete it?

Hello experts,

I have an issue with a softelicenser and frakly, I just want to get rid of it. You´ll see it in red in the attachment.

How do I delete this soft elicenser from eLC?
eLicenser Error.JPG

I started getting those messages after a Windows update the other day. I keep forgetting to check for a new version of eLCC. Mine still works fine though because i am all on the dongle.
Have you tried the current version of eLCC?
I don’t know of a way to delete the soft eLicenser. If there is a way they probably don’t advertise it to keep people from repeating trials over and over.

Thanks thats very accurate. My Win10 decided to update just two days ago. I hadnt made the connection between the two events.

I will try updating elcc and see what happens. Thanks!

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just run it as admin, and do a maintenance

If you can’t fix the issue with running maintenance as admin the removal instructions are here:


I think it did the trick. All errors are gone. I just hated to see those old and expired trials there.

Is this still working in 2022?