Softube Console 1 integration PLS!

Anyone else use the Console 1?

It would be fantastic to have Cubase communicate its track selection to the Console 1 track selection so they are in sync.

Please :slight_smile:

Steinberg don’t Support this. They ignore all User emails.
Go and use studio one for this. (Use it also)

Hi Zooterman,

There is already a thread asking for this functionality. Please support that thread here:


Supported. thanks

Can anybody tell me what the latest situation is with Cubase 9 integration with Softube Console 1 MkII?

I’ve just started using Console 1, and the plug-in states that ‘the DAW does not support automatic track names and numbers’. Is this correct? And if so, are there plans to enable Cubase 9 integration with Console 1, including features such as solo/mute, DAW send, pan and volume, which other DAWs are currently supporting?

An answer from a Steinberg representative would be much appreciated. I’ve just paid to upgrade from Cubase 7.5 to 9, and it appears that there was more integration with my previous version than with Cubase 9. I am not impressed!!

Cubase 9.5 is out, and in a few weeks a free update will be released for it including deep Console 1 integration.