Solo and Mute bug in N13


Sometimes when I do stuff like duplicate a track och make a offline-export the solo and mute buttons in the project suddenly start acting weird. Eg, when I press deactivate all mutes, the previously muted channels get a grey-yellowish color instead. And pressing solo sometimes activates solo-defeat. It’s quite intermittent and happens around once every 5 exports (I’m exporting stems, soloing and muting a lot in between). A restart of Nuendo fixes it.

Is it a bug, Is it just me, can I do anything to avoid it?

I’m a long time Nuendo user. Never had this before N13. N11 and N12 was fine on the same hardware. MacBook Pro M1/M1 Pro.

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It’d be great if you could post repro steps so we could check it.

On a general note though I really recommend not using mute automation but instead muting regions, and if you meant muting channels to deal with stems I would recommend routing to dedicated stem groups or output buses instead. Makes it more predictable and easier to work with, in my experience anyway.

Hope it works out either way.

Hi Mattias,

To reproduce.

Create a new project with a couple of empty audio tracks say 4)
Test that solo and mutes work as expected.
Export a mixdown. Can be an empty file.
Solo and mutes behave strange. Pressing solo activates solo defeat. It’s almost like the option key is always pressed.

Here is a QuickTime screen grab of first when it works and then after export when it doesn’t.

Quicktime screengrab of the solo and mute thing

Checking now I do get the same behavior in N12. But there you can’t activate solo defeat in the project window, so it I solos as expected. But clicking solo in the mixer activates solo defeat. Nuendo 11 does not have this bug.

This is all on my MacBook Pro M1pro with macOS 13.1

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There is very long thread about this issue on Cubase side.

I try hard to find a way to be able to reproduce it on my system, unfortunately without any success so far.

Any hunt is very welcome.

Wow. That’s kind’a insane.

Not seeing that here on Windows. Specs are in my sig.


This issue is Mac only c


Yeah, it’s a bit weird. I does affect more parts of the interface too. It’s almost like every click becomes a long click because there is a delay when I click stuff. Edit window opens slow (or not at all) L button latches on and can’t get turned off.

Initially I just thought it was affecting solo button since that was usually the first buttons I tried after export. And then I restarted to not mess up the project file too much. But testing this more it’s more or less every button in the interface that just grays out when pressing. Just reinstalled and cleared my preferences, but no improvement.

Let me now if a can be of any assistance with finding out what this is.

So, I can’t provoke Nuendo so I happens every time. And I can’t really understand if I’m dooing anything differently to make it happen.

But I now now how to “cancel” the bug when it happens. By choosing the select tool in the top row buttons or by right clicking in the project area. Then everything goes back to normal. Choosing the select tool with key commands does not fix it though.

I see this often when I’m exporting alternate mixes for clients. I’ll have a session with three music options for the client, each option on its own stereo track. When I export one the other two are muted but after the first export the mute buttons go haywire exactly as described at the beginning of this post. Frustrating.

Yeah, similar to my use case. Client specifying how they want the stems divided after the mix is done.

A short right click in the project area (reselecting the select tool) seems to resolve the issue. Making it a habit to do this directly after every export…

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This issue will be fixed in the next Cubase and Nuendo updates.

It’s related to the mouse position, while Export or Render in Place. To be on a safe site, click the Export button (the Overwrite, if Cubase asks you) and then quickly move your mouse cursor to any screen corner (to ensure the cursor doesn’t hover over some Cubase object).

Thank you all for your cooperation and patience.

Sweet, good news! Thanks!

Great news, thank you!