Solo/Mute Behaviour in Project Window different than in Mixer

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I need some help!

I have a MIDI Track that controls an Instrument Track via MIDI Sends. Now when I Solo the Instrument Track in the Mixer, the corresponding MIDI Track is also set on Solo, just like it should be and how I need it.
However, when I do the same in the Project Window, the MIDI Track is still muted :frowning:

I thought “alright, then let’s just link the solo/mute property of those two tracks together using the link function” but this also doesn’t work.

Somehow this looks like a bug to me, or am I missing something? I’m using Cubase 11.0.41


It’s specified like this.

In the MixConsole you solo the Audio Return of the Instrument. That means all related MIDI tracks have to be solo to hear all from that Audio Return.

In the Project window, you solo the MIDI track. It’s output (Instrument Audio Return) had to be solo to hear the sound, but not all other MIDI tracks.

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But what’s the reason the Link doesn’t work?

Aaah ok yes that makes sense, but at least the link function should also work in the Project window, right?

Maybe it’s related to this bug?
BUG: all linked tracks are not selected in the Project window - Cubase - Steinberg Forums