Solo/Mute buttons misbehaving or not working

Logitech MX Master S3

Apple Magic Mouse 1

Just to add… am experiencing weirdness with muting too. Also: I use a lot of automation, and generally do a lot of work on the fly, including muting channels (eg I may have an effect and I like to stop the effect on a beat via muting the instrument/audio). But when I hit mute, it doesn’t happen immediately but instead opens an automation view (sep layer). So I stop, lose momentum, go back, and then I can mute.

Second. I have a song with a lot of parts to it. I did the first ‘significant’ mixdown on 13 and lost two really significant parts (a sample layer and a drum track) when I listened back.

Previously I went through hell with a Halion synth dropping out of a mixdown completely, but, well: I just want a mixdown. My machine (imac) is a really good spec and should be able to handle it.

I think this is an issue that’s been around for a while and not properly recognised by Steinberg.

Here is another recent thread -
Solo Safe Bug

Since updating to V13.0.20 I didn’t experience any of these issues anymore. So I think they did at least something about it.

My last run in with this was on 13.0.20 so its certainly still there on the Mac version…

I’m on Ventura 13.6.1 and use Cubase in native Silicon mode on my m1 macbook. No problems since the last update.

Today was the first time ive ever seen the Orange box come up. I was just going to post about it but now i know what it is.
Im also on a Mac (M1 Pro) using the latest version, and definitely didnt use any keyboard control when this appeared.

Yup, same.

Solution? Use Cubase 12 until this gets fixed.

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Same here, Apple Silicon - Cubase 13.0.20 - and if this happens once in session, it will corrupt the whole session (problems with pointer switching) - the only solution (for me) - open this session in Cubase 12

I’ve been using the ‘Export’ window a lot for the last couple of days and this is a massive issue.

I’m exporting tons of stems, which means I’m soloing tracks / folders/ groups etc, bouncing down the stem, then moving on to the next stem…

I keep the ‘Export’ window open - which is automatically ‘always on top stylee’ , and just click on the tracks solo buttons on the arrange page in the background to create the stem.

Sometimes it works. Then it goes wonky - everything in the ‘Export’ window is suddenly invisible - nothing works, and when you try clicking on an option box or in a text box, you’re actually clicking ‘through’ the ‘Export’ window and onto the arrange page - like its become invisible - its there, but not there!

And the solo buttons just turn into solo defeats by themselves, only they’re not always visible until you close the ‘Export’ window…

It’s an unusable @£$%^fest - and I can’t believe no-one at Steinberg is seeing this.

I also can confirm it is still not fixed. Just happened again. Suddenly got the orange rectangle, long pressed and it got away, but everything acted weird at this point, mute wouldn’t go away, solo agian tunrs orange and so on. Annoying.

I’ve got the same issue. Driving me up the wall and wasting so much time. I may have to go back to 12 also

Also my “mute” buttons sometimes show as a kind of washed-out half-tone yellow instead of the normal one. And I also have a regular problem where the mute buttons cancel each other out, so if you press solo on one track, the one you’ve last been using un-mutes

Yes, after the orange rectangle appears unwanted, the weird behaviour of mutes and solos happens. And I also can confirm the washed out yellow mute button.

My Cubase also often completely crashes whilst exporting audio files, especially if I try to do another task at the same time such as checking emails. One thing which I have wondered about (and this may be of interest to other users) is that I use a Midisport 4x4 interface which does work but it is not officially supported under this OS (drivers unavailable). I mention this because my Sibelius also suffers peculiar behaviour at times

Is it actually possible to open in Cubase 12 a project which has been created with 13?

No crashing on my site. The mute/solo problem is driving me nuts, though! Didn’t ran into it for a while. Now it’s back and more than ever.

Still happening here too. The worst Cubase 13 bug, for me. Cubase 13, 2020 27” Intel iMac, Ventura 13.6.4

I’m having the exact same issue right now. This is beyond unacceptable…