SOLO'n a track hears other tracks

Can someone help me out with this?
Why when I solo a track do I hear other tracks that automation is turning on?
Shouldn’t it “not matter” what else is happening (ie: Mutes) when “I’m in solo”?
btw: Had the same problem in C5 … not in C4

If you’ve automated a mute on one track and solo another then yes, it should behave like this. Just like when you solo one track and press mute on another the second track will become soloed too.


??? … Working on a console and I solo a track, I don’t hear opening of mutes …

The mute and solo in cubase behave differently than on a hardware mixer, because on a hardware mixer using solo it sends the signal to another output (headphones usually). Now unless you have a more complex setup in Cubase with multiple outputs, the solo button will route the signal to the same output as an ‘unmuted’ track.
With just 1 output there is no difference between a track being unmuted or solo.

I feel your pain though, it does my head in at times because it isn’t exactly intuitive.

Probably because solo is just mute all other unrelated tracks thus an unmute becomes a solo!!!

Another good use for the Control Room Listen Buss.

Split, thank you, that’s exactly what I was trying to say but somehow yours looks clearer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that, Split! I’ve been avoiding learning about Control Room because I’m a “solo” bedroom studio recorder (though not an “unmuted” one :smiley: ), but I will look into it if it helps the solo/mute buttons behave more like on a mixing desk.

Once in “Control Room”, is it pretty intuitive how to set it up so the M/S function behaves like that?

I wouldn’t call it “intuitive” but once you get your head round it, it’s relatively straight forward.

Once in there you can set the amount of “Dim” the listen button causes so if set to infinite it acts pretty much like a solo.

Thanks again for the hint, Split!

Thanks guys. SO to be clear…
If I start using the control room then the SOLO BUTTON WILL ACT LIKE A CONSOLE SOLO BUTTON?

Nope, the “Listen button” (the button with an L on it) will behave like a solo button if you set listen dim to -inf in the control room.


An added benefit of the Listen buss at -inf. is the ability to do a true solo of a reverb channel, which is VERY handy.

The way I see it is like this: at the top of the Track list there are four “master” function buttons. Mute, Solo, Read and Write.

I think Steinberg should add a fifth button similar to the Deactive Read button in the Automation Panel…but one whose function would be to suspend the solo’d track’s automation.

The main difference between this button and the one in the Automation Panel is that it restores individual Track Read status after it’s disengaged (unlike the Automation panel, which globally engages all Read buttons to get out of Read Deactive mode). They could go even farther and permit a Right/Click contextual menu for the button, choosing what function(s) get temporarily suspended…like fader, pan, mute…etc.

That’d be handy.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the automation panel have the ability to suspend all mutes/solo? I’m pretty sure this is the exact reason these options are there. I realize that it’s a workaround, but a working workaround nevertheless :wink:

but doesn’t the automation panel have the ability to suspend all mutes/solo?

Yes it does, but it still has “unexpected” behavior where soloing is concerned. Go automate a bunch of mutes on a few tracks and suspend mutes from the Automation panel and see what happens.

The idea is when you solo something…that’s supposed to be the only track (or tracks if more than one solo is invoked) unmuted and playing: the one you solo. That’s what solo means. Steinberg needs to find a way to get soloing to behave like people expect it should work.
Solo doesn’t mean solo this track and oh, by the way, here are a few others need to hear that you weren’t expecting.

It needs an independent suspend automation switch that makes solo work so you only hear what you choose and ignores any mute status being forced by the automation.

I really don’t want to “suspend” anything when I solo a track. I want to listen to he track in solo with “all of it’s automation” and glory. Sometimes I’m looking to find a click (possibly caused by automation of a plugin) and I need everything going. It “seems like” such an easy thing to do in software…
Really hope they can get this together… it REALLY is a work stopper.

I really don’t want to “suspend” anything when I solo a track. I want to listen to he track in solo with “all of it’s automation” and glory.

That’s a reasonable variant. Could be a pref: Suspend All or Suspend All Except Soloed.

I always wondered how to do that, another thing that is so easy on a physical desk

Lastly… This never used to be a problem. I’m fairly certain that the C4 solo button worked just like a console solo button. I mean after all they are showing us fader channels on a mixer, right?
I think it all “went south” with the entrance of “THE CONTROL ROOM”.
Please let us have our solo button back …right there on the channel where it needs to be.

Well, I don´t know, which desks you are talking about, but most desks usually have PFL´s, which is usually something different than solo (depending on the implemented Solo mode of course).