Feature request:"Listen replaces Solo" option PLEASE

feature request:“Listen replaces Solo” option. (So the listen button becomes available on hardware controlles), or replace the “listen button concept” by a “solo in place” (SIP) button that works like on a normal mixingdesk (chose between PFL/AFL and SIP with a single button in the controlroom)

Solo always stands for PFL/AFL on a mixing desk, listen would more likely be the “solo in place” option, so the buttons are reversed now anyway in proper mixingdesk language. And have you ever seen a hardware mixer or controller with two solo-buttons (??) per channel?

In case the programmer is not a sound engineer ( :laughing: ) let him/her check out how this is supposed to work, it has already been properly invented and implemented in a lot of hardware mixers: “The GL4000 does include true SOLO-IN-PLACE (SIP) as well. This is a mighty useful function, but can be a nightmare if used incorrectly. We also refer to it as “destructive solo” because it affects the FOH mix, while the “non-destructive” PFL/AFL affects only the engineers monitor”.

I understand the effort being made while “inventing” the “listen” button, (and I appreciate it!) but it’s not very practicle, while a much better and widely accepted format for solo/pfl/sip is right at hand.

So please make it so that you can use the solo button for PFL/AFL AND solo in place with this option, and LOOSE the listen button. It has NO use: as far as I know the “listen” buttons are NOT accesable in the generic remote, trough the mackie protocol or available on any hardware controller so you can’t use them on any remote… :cry: (And that’s ALL you want, no need for “solo in place” in a studio while tracking, but yes do we need PFL/AFL!)

Thus by switching solo mode this way you would need only one solo-button and finaly be able to “protect” your mix (FOH) outputs, because now it’s still possible to accidentialy hit a solo button, and everyone who is listening to the mix output will hear this.(Think about live-mixing and recording live guide mixes?) Very anoying!

If it’s not possible to implement this soon consider a “reverse listen and solo button (and disable the listen button)” option in the next update. :mrgreen:
This would be a great solution too. The way it is now is realy frustrating for a lot of users I’m very shure.

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It’s a nice idea, but it needs Cubase to enable it their Mackie Control implementation.
We can’t do anything from the controller side.

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Hi, I support this.

I made the same suggestion to have the listen button available on mcu.

For generic remote I do think that it is available now - found it one day - for the selected channel. I vaguely remember WHERE it was, but it was there (maybe have a look at the key commands that might help to find it).

For the MCU to support it, there is maybe a chance assigning an additional generic remote to the midi ports you use for the MCU and process the desired logic THERE.

Cheers, Ernst


Cant find it. Need it. Anyone?

Is this it?

Key commands/Mixer/Channels/Listen on/off

I personally love the listen feature and would like to see Listen buttons available on the tracks themselve (not just channel/mixer) as well as on folder tracks as well.

[edit] for this shortcut to work the mixer must be visible and link channel selection active.

I have posted on this topic a couple of times myself. I first asked for it with Cubase 4.

At least Cubase HAS a listen (PFL) function. I don’t know of another audio program that even addresses this issue.

We use Cubase when mixing for live streaming our church services for this very reason. Fortunately, the AVID Artist series (Euphonix) has a setting that does indeed replace the Solo button with the Listen function.

Still, I agree, Steinberg needs to implement a “Listen replaces Solo” option.

So, ditto, Steinberg. Get the option. It’s been a LONG time in the asking…

I understand your wish and support enhanced functionality but definately wouldn’t like to loose the current functionality of the L button.

When soloing a channel (with prefs set accordingly), I hear the channel going through/with all busses and fx it’s treated with. Listenback gives me the pure channel what makes sense in many cases.

+1 for adding the L-button to the tracklist in project window and on folder tracks!

I’l settle for the “listen replaces solo” pref/button (make it midi- or keycom controlable!)


I completely agree with you and use both Frequently, it is so nice to have this feature. Many studio desks default mode for solo functions the way Cubase’s solo functions without the preference to also solo routed outputs (since the console doesn’t generally know). Of course for live consoles the solo function is not the default behavior there since you are not doing a mix down. I really hope to not loose either button and one of the reasons I love working using since Nuendo 3.2 implemented the control room and Cubase 4 added it back in 2006.

Shift+Project button on the MCU (Mackie Control Universal) makes it so the solo buttons function as Listen buttons. It looks like shift+Mixer is trying to “Deactivate All Listen States” but it isn’t working. The button goes out but the listen states remain.