(SOLVED) After paying for HALion does not install -

Urgent Support Required
Dear Steinberg Support Team,

I recently invested in all the newly released instruments, anticipating an exciting addition to my audio production. My iPad Pro (1TB model, with 300GB of free space) is equipped to handle these applications with ease. Additionally, I’m using a Cox gigabit connection, which affords me high-speed internet access.

Despite meeting all the necessary hardware and connection requirements, I encountered an unexpected hurdle post-purchase. A pop-up error message states that I lack sufficient storage space and instructs me to verify my connection – a perplexing directive given the ample available space and robust internet speed at my disposal.

As a fellow app developer, I understand the intricacies of software issues and the potential for bugs; however, I also prioritize addressing bug reports seriously. This approach ensures customer satisfaction and software reliability. The problem I’ve encountered seems to be widespread, as evident from the reports of other users experiencing the same issue. The lack of acknowledgment and support from your team on this matter is disconcerting.

I urge Steinberg Support to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism. Professional audio users like myself, who invest in your products, rightfully expect a level of service commensurate with their investment. Yes, unforeseen issues can arise, but prompt and effective support is crucial and is a responsibility that cannot be overlooked.

For your reference, here are the details of my configuration and troubleshooting steps taken so far:

  • iPad Pro M2 with 1TB storage capacity, 300GB available
  • Connected to a high-speed Cox Gigabit internet service
  • iPad restarted, without resolving the issue
  • All VPNs deactivated, including Apple’s private IP setting, which did not resolve the issue
  • Awareness of other users encountering the same problem, with no apparent support acknowledgment.

I am awaiting a timely solution and will be monitoring this forum closely. Additionally, I will be creating a separate post to raise visibility for this matter.

Looking forward to a prompt and effective resolution.

Kind regards,
One Media

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Hi @afektapps,

We are sorry to read about your download issues and understand your frustration.

As replied to your several other posts:
The download issues may be related to the high number of simultaneous downloads. Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the download issue ourselves and don’t know about the reason why this happens.

Many of our customers already purchased and downloaded the new instruments successfully.

Did you give the following steps a try?

  • Log off from the App Store
  • Shut down all running apps
  • Fully shut down the iPad/iPhone
  • Reboot your rooter

I hope you’ve been able to download all the instruments shortly. You may also give it a try downloading them piece by piece. The FM instruments only have about 50 MB, so there should be no issue at all.

Hope that helps!

Please keep me updated about your process!

Best wishes,

I don’t see any urgency to fix this for real… why don’t you expand your bandwidth? or create multiple files from one so they can download faster or people can download what they want or need instead… it’s going to have to take for people to want a refund to get some action I believe.

I’ve tried all that multiple times over and it still doesn’t work… I’ve tried up to 50 times in a row and nothing… NOTHING!!! NADA!!!

just tried it 20 more times and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING… I’m tired of seen that message come up… angry that you’re not doing anything to fix it after three days or even making a statement.

Hi @jcsfx09

Here are a few more recommendations if you encounter issues, downloading the instruments (espcecially HALion Sonic Selection):

  1. Make sure that there is enough free disk space, at least 2 times the required download size, which is required for extracting the file. (HALion Sonic Selection > 1,8 GB Download Size, Neo FM and FM Classics > 25 MB Download Size each).
  2. Don’t turn your device’s display off and don’t switch apps (or to the home screen) while a download is running.
  3. Make sure that no other apps are running in the background, while a download is running.
  4. Keep your device close to (in the same room as) your WiFi router.
  5. How many devices are connected to your WiFi router? Try disabling WiFi on your other devices during a download.
  6. Does your WiFi router offer multiple networks, maybe with and without a “2G” postfix? Try both, the one without 2G is the better choice.
  7. If you have a VPN, try turning it off (or on, or select a different region).
  8. Try in a different WiFi network, for example at your friend’s home.

Hope that helps resolving your problems!

Best wishes,

Hi @jcsfx09

Have you been able to download and install HALion Sonic Selection in the meantime?


no, i’ve tried taking the wifi off of my computers. setting my iphone on airplane mode, almost 200 times tried over and over. turn the ipad off the router the modem and nothing…
The one thing i have noticed again is that i haven’t been charged for the $14.99 from apple as of yet, my theory is that for whatever cosmic reason the this might have to do with the money payment, the other two have been charged but this one hasn’t but yet it says is available for download… right now that’s the only conclusion i can think of why i can’t download it.

Hi @jcsfx09

Thanks for your message.

The one thing i have noticed again is that i haven’t been charged for the $14.99 from apple as of yet, my theory is that for whatever cosmic reason the this might have to do with the money payment

If you haven’t been charged for the $14.99 from Apple as of yet, this might be the reasons why the download fails.

Please keep me updated!


HALion Sonic Selection IAP Content Download Issues | Please read here

So the good news is that it finally downloaded… while i was giving a class online i decided after a few attempts to let it download by itself and when i wasn’t looking it did… of course this happened after Apple made the charge available for paypal to pay it, i’m not sure if one thing had to do with the other but i’m just saying it happened in that manner. now i have all downloaded and i’m not planning on reinstalling anytime soon. I also went ahead and deleted all my comments on youtube since is not fair to keep them now that it has been resolved.

Hi @jcsfx09,

Thank you for your updated message!

So the good news is that it finally downloaded…

We are very glad to read that you’ve finally managed to download and install HALion Sonic Selection. What a journey…

Of course, we truly understand the frustration it creates when your unable to install and use the instrument you’ve purchased.

I also went ahead and deleted all my comments on youtube since is not fair to keep them now that it has been resolved.

Thank you very much for this!

Now it’s time to go ahead and explore HALion Sonic Selection, and we very much hope that you’ll enjoy your instrument and that it will motivate you to create great new tracks!

Thanks again
& warm greetings,

Cubasis 3.6.1 available

Dear all,

Some of our users have reported problems downloading the HALion Sonic Selection IAP content.

To address the problem we are glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 3.6.1 and Cubasis LE 3.6.1 for iOS.

This update adds the option to resume the download from the point where it failed, enabling all users to finish the download.

Warm greetings,

I cannot download the lofi piano at 43 mb or Halion instrument selection I have 16.5 gb of space.ive tried everything so far same message no internet or low space neither of which is true.

Hi @djma1

Thanks for your message.

I’ve downloaded Cubasis on my iPhone and downloaded “FM Classics”, which worked as expected - see the clip below.

Please check the steps stated above, to see if it helps to resolve your download problems.

With the release of Cubasis 3.6.1/Cubasis LE 3.6.1 for iOS (back in Dec 2023), adds the option to resume the download from the point where it failed. You may give it a try to tap the download button a couple of times, in order to finish the download.

Best wishes,

No luck. Same thing over and over for about 30 attempts.

By any chance are you on a 5ghz internet connection? If so try setting your connection to 2.4 ghz… for some reason a 2.5 ghz connection gives problems sometimes and refuse to download the iap instruments, giving download errors.

I’ll try it

My iPhone downloaded it no problem iPad still not downloading. I’m going to try a direct internet connection.

Solved. I used an Ethernet adapter and it downloaded no problem. Sheesh!

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