[SOLVED] Apogee One into Cubasis

I recently acquired an Apogee ONE to use for vocals and guitar recording on my iPad. I was surprised to see that Audiobus does not support the Apogee Maestro app. Instead, I’m bringing the Apogee ONE’s input into Cubasis via a mono input on channel 1. At first it seemed like this was mixing the signals of the Apogee and the iPad’s internal mic. But after some fiddling (I’m not entirely sure what i did!) it seems like only the Apogee was being recorded.

Is this the best way to get the Apogee ONE’s input into Cubasis, or is there an app I can acquire that will enable me to use Audiobus to get the ONE into cubasis?




In case of problems first thing to check is that the Microphone option has been enabled in the privacy settings of iOS:

But since you’re able to record audio this seems not to be the case at your end.

Connecting Apogee One to Cubasis should be all it takes to use the device in the lineup.
It is unlikely that Cubasis mixes both the mic input and hardware for recordings.

As a tip, please have a look at the routing tab of Cubasis’ inspector and click the number below the input field to check the availabe hardware options and set the recording input.

Please get back to Apogee about the Audiobus compatibility topic with Maestro, since they can only comment about it.


Thank you Ricardo,
Where would i find the routing tab of Cubasis’s inspector?

Hi Simon,

open the inspector and tab on the second entry named “Routing”.
More information to be found in the In-App help of Cubasis (Section “Inspector”).