Solved black unclickable options in dialog boxes Cubase 13 windows 11

I bought Cubase 13 pro and dialog boxes showed with black options. I run my system in windows 11 with a 50 inch tv with powertoys installed (version 0.75.1). I use FancyZones. Disabling the option “move newly created windows to last known zone” fixed the dialog boxes and now I can select the option I want and click on it. Don’t know if that would solve it for other users. Ryzen 5900 and RX6600 latest graphic driver (23.11.1). Cubase 12 pro works fine with that option activated or desactivated, as well as other softwares I use.


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Don’t fully understand where the issue is sourced: is this a Windows 10/11 setting or is it by any other 3rd party software or PowerToys added feature? Haven’t worked that much with CB13 yet, but seeing so many bugs makes me concerned hence I am trying to fix those in advance where possible. Thanks for helping to better understand.

Fancy zones is a 3rd party application, from microsoft, to manage multiple windows in large screens. I use a 50" 4k tv as monitor in the studio.

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Sorry to hear about your bug. Have you figured out whether this would help?