[SOLVED] Cubase iC Pro connectivity issue after iOS update 10.3.1

Dear all,

Due to an issue caused by the release of iOS 10.3.1 by Apple, Cubase iC Pro fails to connect to a local network WebSocket server.

As a result, a connection between Cubase iC Pro and a supported Steinberg DAW cannot be established with iOS devices running the latest version, iOS 10.3.1, at this moment.

Currently, we are in contact with Apple to find out how long it will take to solve the problem. Until the issue is resolved by Apple, Cubase iC and Cubase iC Pro remain unvailable for download on the Apple App Store.

Customer satisfaction is taken seriously at Steinberg, and we promise to inform you as soon as this problem is solved.



Thanks very much for the update.

A bug fix takes as long as it takes, but it’s very helpful to get feedback that you guys are working the issue. Much appreciated.

Thanks for your message.
At this moment it looks like Apple has to provide an iOS fix to make it work again.


Apple broke something? Say it isn’t so. :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to try the iOS 10.3.2 beta? :open_mouth:

I am using the beta ios and it doesn’t work, nothing fixed on Apple side.

When I saw that Cubase iC Pro had been removed from the App Store, I started to think that Steinberg was going to abandon the app. I’m really glad to see that’s not the case. Thanks for letting us know.

I guess you’ll be updating us here as well :slight_smile:
Would love to get my hands on Cubase iC Pro with my new iPad Pro.

Thanks Steinberg.

My old iPad broke, so a few days later and i finally got the iPad pro, then ic pro disappeared the day i got it. Dammit, glad to hear your on top of it. Its so hard working without it.

Hi Guys, any luck with that? I unfortunately updated my iOS today (didn’t expect IC Pro will just stop working) - and now I stuck with my recording session as I get used to this app

Soooo…frustrating! Apple nags me to update my iPad, so I do, and then the device is useless for why I own it…Cubase IC Pro! It is a very important part of my studio workflow for tracking. Hope it doesn’t take long to resolve.

Why isn’t Steinberg testing this on beta iPad releases before we get knocked out of balance by an update?

Ohh noo :open_mouth:
A few years back i finaly got myself a android tablet, just to find out the android app has been pulled…
Today i’m waiting for my first ipad to arrive… i was searching the itunes store for the ic pro app, to find out about this… i surely hope this wil be resolved soon… :slight_smile:

Yes. It’s absolutely annoying to have paid for sth you can’t use at all. Not even a workaround is in sight.

Time to add a wired conncrtion to USB!!

Not all users need to walk around the house and control CB…

Much more robust.

Is it possible to downgrade IOS to 10.3.0?

No unfortunately not.

And for us who doesn’t have it on our new devices it won’t help cause it’s not even available in the App Store :confused:

Hi Lars,
Any News on this?
Is it allready confirmed by Apple that it is indeed their fault?
A time frame?

Thanks in advance for keeping us up to date.

Hi Marco,

Apple is aware about the issue, which has been reported by others as well.
As of yet we’re not aware of a date when Apple plans to solve the issue.


IoS 10.3.2 is in its 5th Beta, apparently. However, I have no idea what fixes it addresses, including wifi problems.

Have just updated to 10.3.2 and it is still not working.