[SOLVED] Cubase iC Pro connectivity issue after iOS update 10.3.1


More than six weeks since it broke.
I cannot use your software I paid for at all, Ms. & Mr. Steinberg.
What about a refund?

My deepest respect to the Steinberg struggle to keep Apple moving… I don’t think that this will lead to any success soon. Which benefit has Apple from this? If it don’t makes iOS more secure or they can earn money with it, I don’t think they will move an inch… :unamused:

I obviously don’t know the ins and outs of the issue, but rather than wait for Apple to modify its iOS, perhaps Steinberg should consider modifying iC PRO to make IT compatible with the new iOS :question:

Something needs to be done. And let’s not forget that Steinberg’s own VCA features render iC PRO inoperable if a VCA fader is present in a project!

What a mess.

I installed iOS 10.3.2 right now. So when will iC Pro available in AppStore again?

Apparently the ios problem is now fixed!

Now lets hope the VCA issue will now be fixed soon too.

See link:



Just installed 10.3.2 and still have the same symptoms.

About 70% of the time it simply doesn’t connect. 30% of the time it briefly looks like it’s going to work, sometimes launching the UI and then immediately shutting back down and returning to the connect prompt. Here’s what I’ve tried, in order.

Install 10.3.2
Reboot iPad
Attempt connection via ComputerName@Cubase
Attempt connection via IP address
No joy.
Reboot computer
Reboot iPad
Attempt connection via ComputerName@Cubase
Attempt connection via IP address
No joy.
Reboot router
Reboot computer
Reboot iPad
Attempt connection via ComputerName@Cubase
Attempt connection via IP address
No joy.

Results were the same in all cases.

With respect, I would encourage the developers to consider internal issues instead of / in addition to iOS 10.3. I say this because I also have a Yamaha TF5 mixer, and use the StageMix and MonitorMix iPad apps on the same iPad.

Both Yamaha apps have had no trouble connecting to the mixer regardless of iOS version. The iPad can clearly connect via the wireless network to other devices on my network, so perhaps there are some differences in the way the Cubase app is coded that contributes to the problem, with iOS merely making matters more noticeable.

Of course, this is pure speculation on my part, but I thought the results with the Yamaha TF apps might be a useful data point for the devs to consider since 10.3 didn’t break them.

As always, would be grateful for any insights you can offer.


Do you have a link to that discussion?

Yes, see below.

Lars Slovak has confirmed that this is an issue but is unable to give any indication as to when it will be fixed. When VCA support was added in the last iC Pro update (over a year ago) the job was only half done. For me, the main reason to use iC Pro is to allow musicians to set up their own cue mixes, but as this no longer works if I have the temerity to use the much hyped and badly designed VCA features in Nuendo, the app is as good as useless.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure what the fallout was from using VCAs. Fortunately I monitor through the TF5 with their Monitor Mix app so I don’t get dinged on that one.

Bump. Hoping this gets resolved asap. Lars, please keep us posted. Thank you.

Just updated my iPads to 10.3.2. The first time I tried to connect IC Pro, it connected, brought the mixer screen up, but then went back to the “select computer” screen. It went in a circle doing that about three times, and then eventually connected and I was able to use it. However, that was it. The next time I tried to connect, it just kept going in circles…Connect, bring up the mixer screen, back to the select computer screen, and around and around. Note that the entire time, Cubase would show the iPad as connected in the entire time in the SKI Remote screen of Device Setup.

Pretty much the same symptoms. So I would guess that 10.3.2 didn’t address the issue.

Just as an aside, is the app developed by Steinberg themselves or a 3rd party developer for Steinberg?

Thanks for the update, they could have just put a not on the home page

The problem with that is that Apple publishes the rules for writing software for their OS, and devs follow them. If a developer finds a way around a bug using a trick, it will break on the next OS update, then more hours are needed to put it back to the way it once was, plus, adapt to whatever new API rules get added or changed by Apple.

Hi, Lars.

It’s been over a month. Any movement on this?



That makes sense of course, but there’s another angle to it as well. If things aren’t properly coded to spec in the first place, a new OS update can also break them. Not that developers would ever take shortcuts to meet a deadline or anything. :slight_smile:

I mention this because I have a Yamaha TF5 mixer. It comes with a couple of very polished iOS apps (StageMix, MonitorMix) and both are on the same iPad as Cubase iC Pro.They worked before 10.3.1, and they continue to work after the update. TCP/IP is TCP/IP. If the Yamaha apps can communicate then network communication is in fact possible, new OS version notwithstanding. The iOS networking API in 10.3.1 is the same set of calls no matter who’s writing the code.

There doesn’t appear to be any official SB support on this app, with the response usually being “the app developers take care of that.” But they don’t. Unlike Philipe with WaveLabs, I’ve seen zero interaction with the app developers here. I don’t know if they’re SB employees or are some contracted third party guys working out of a basement somewhere who have already made their money on this app and would rather move on and spend their time on something else.

What I do know is that people paid SB for a product that is now bricked and the only semi-official response I’ve seen is, “Hey, it’s not our fault.” And I’d be inclined to offer the benefit of the doubt if 10.3.1 broke networking for all my other apps. But iC Pro is the only one that broke. This strongly suggests that a) the problem is in the iC Pro app code and b) no one’s terribly motivated to do anything about it.

The fact that there’s no progress other than passing the buck and no interaction from the developers who are allegedly handling support of this app presents a bit of a “take the money and run” attitude from the responsible parties.

Hi Steinberg, when will be able to use the Cubase iOS remote app again to control Cubase on our macs?

What is happening with iC Pro? Will it ever come back? First the Android app was abandoned and now this … not what one would expect from Steinberg. The remote control app for Logic seems to work like a charm, so why is it so difficult to make iC Pro work?