[SOLVED] Cubasis on two/more devices?

I just got Cubasis 3, and using it on my phone.
I like it, and think about getting a tablet with bigger screen.

Can I use Cubasis on both my phone and the tablet if I get one?
(using same google purchase account)
I would not like to double-purchase anything :wink:

Hi ohm-ish,

Yes, Cubasis for Android can be installed and used on your Android smartphone and tablet at the same time.


Great, thank you

You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy using Cubasis 3 on your Android devices… :slight_smile:

Stay well,

What about the in app purchases?
If I buy the 2 FX packs on my Smartphone, are they available at the tablet too without to buy it again for the same Google account?

Hi christoph20,

You‘re in-app purchases will be available on both devices.



Thank you, Lars!