[SOLVED] Export then importing projects back in Cubasis

I’ve been reading contradictory statements about this topic (iTunes filesharing/importing track by track/audio/MIDI etc) but none mention the option of Dropbox.

I want to upgrade my iPad iOS but I am afraid of losing my projects. Also I want to do a ‘clean’ install since restoring through iTunes on my Windows PC to iPad always gives me headaches.

Am I right in assuming that after I update my iPad to 8.1.2 and redownloading and reinstalling Cubasis that I can import my old projects through Dropbox?


this topic should answer your question…


Thank you! :wink:


So in short: yes it works :wink:

PS. It does seem kind of weird as I did a Google search, searched this forum plus some musicfora and all I found were old topics discussing the one-way functionality of exporting to PC while this way it’s so easy…