[SOLVED] How else to get tracks out of Cubasis? (share broke


So “Share” seems unusually broken. I’m still getting the same “The following error occur…rrorDomain error -1001.)” error I’ve always gotten, but now my “Open-with”-and-select-Dropbox workaround isn’t working either.

I have a mixdown (one track per file) that I need to get out of Cubasis ASAP. How else can I get those tracks out?

— Charles

P.S. I bought AudioShare in order to try using AudioCopy, but I’m getting 16-bit versions instead of the 24-bit recording.

Whew. To answer my own question and hopefully save someone else some distress:

  • Physically connect your iPad to a Mac
  • Launch iTunes on that Mac
  • Select your iPad on the…bar thingy that lets you choose different stuff
  • You should see two groups on the left, Settings and On My Device — choose Settings > Apps
  • In the File Sharing section, choose Cubasis
  • Select what you want to export (in my case “Mixdowns”) and click “Save to…”

— Charles

Hi Charles,

sorry for the inconvenience and for you help same time. :wink:


Hopefully Cubasis will support iCloud Drive natively so all the syncing can be done automatically.

Hi Charles,

First of all please do not create two posts for an identical topic.

As replied already sharing projects between Cubasis and Dropbox works as expected:

Therefore I assume the error might be related to Dropbox (and/or your network connection).
Please get in touch with Dropxbox and let me know about the results.



A few more observations to the topic:
AudioCopy indeed is restricted to 44.1 kHz / 16 bit at the moment but they plan to support more file formats in the future.

If Dropbox fails at your end it might be related to your network connection or other topics (might make sense to check back with Dropbox here).

iTunes File Sharing is one possible way - and a good one in my eyes - to use instead. WiFi-Server, E-Mail, SoundCloud are other alternatives.

I think that the easiest way to move audio files to and fro between Cubasis and the computer is by using the WiFi Server.
Please scroll down to WiFi Server.