[CB-2049] Dropbox share error


I recorded my first podcast with Cubasis and I’m trying to export the resulting tracks via Dropbox. Here’s what I see shortly after the Dropbox upload starts:

Upload failed
The following error occur…rrorDomain error -1001.)

Any help is appreciated,

— Charles

I’m having the same problem. Any answers?


do you have the Dropbox app installed on your iPad?
Should work as expected both with files and projects afterwards.



(Edit: Oops, realized after-the-fact that I’d started this thread. Wish someone cared.)

FWIW, this has never worked for me either. I’ve tried quite often with different Cubasis and iOS versions (just confirmed that it fails with iOS 8.0). I get the same “The following error occur…rrorDomain error -1001.)” error that other people have reported.

I’ve been able to transfer mixdowns in the past using “Open with” and then choosing Dropbox, but even this is now failing with iOS 8.

— Charles

Hi Charles,

I gave Dropbox (App Version 3.4.2) and Cubasis 1.8.2 another check a minute ago works without a problem.

Step by step:

  • Load a project in Cubasis
  • Go to “Media” and open the “Projects” folder
  • Make sure to select the desired project and tap the “Share” button
  • In the pop-up menu choose “Dropbox”

Full project will be zipped and uploaded to Dropbox.
In Dropbox the ZIP file appears in the Cubasis folder (Apps/Cubasis).

Works also with single audio files…

I assume your problems could be related to Dropbox and/or a network issue.
Please get in touch with them about the error code and keep me updated about the results.



See here:

Unfortunately, it’s actually getting worse. Not only does the app still show an unintelligible error (see “Step by step” list below) when using Share > Dropbox, but it can no longer show the Share > Open with dialog — it stalls for 18 seconds and then crashes.

Step by step:

  • Create or load a project (24-bit, 44.1 kHz)
  • Create a mixdown (one WAV per track)
  • Go to Mixdown, select WAV file (recommend 750 MB or larger to make sure you’re not seeing a false success with small files)
  • Choose Share > Dropbox (may need to do Login process if this is your first time)
  • Choose “NO” when asked to zip, since that would be silly
  • Dropbox upload will make some progress, then you’ll see error “The following error occur…rrorDomain error -1001.)”

No, I spent an hour trying to prove that it wasn’t a Cubasis bug and failed. Of Dropbox and several other apps that integrate with Dropbox, Cubasis is the only one exhibiting errors and crashing (after locking for 18 seconds) when opening the OS dialog when I Share > Open with.

If the above steps don’t work for you, please get in touch with me and let me know how I can send you additional information. If there’s a log file accessible with developer tools, I can send it. If errors are logged with Steinberg, I can send you timestamps of crashes so you can associate logs that you’ve received with this issue.


— Charles

I’d just like to second what Charles is saying.

Dropbox sharing should work in Cubasis but does not. All other apps seem to integrate with no problems, so this IS an issue with Cubasis.

While the iTunes transfer workaround will work fine, it doesn’t solve the problem.
If Cubasis offers an option to share with Dropbox then it should work.if it doesn’t then it needs fixing.

Simply offering an alternative way of transferring the file is not a long term solution, and refusing to recognise the problem is counter-productive.

Upon further investigation, it appears that small files upload to Dropbox fine.

I have many small projects and ideas on the go, and those with only a couple of audio / midi tracks upload fine.

Any projects with a more serious amount of data (larger audio files?) go through the zipping process and then fail after a minute or so of attempting to upload and give the error message. I have plenty of space in my Dropbox, so I’m pretty sure that available space isn’t the issue.

Please look into this further Steinberg.

Many thanks

I am having problems with this also. If a file is bigger than 50 megs it will not upload to dropbox. I have a song i need to share with my counterpart. Please help. :astonished:

Now when I hit the share option the selection box appears and Cubasis freezes, then it crashes. Why, oh why. :frowning:

Made a new project brought in the mixdowns and re-mixed them down individually and uploaded them one by one and it worked. Maybe there where some corrupt files or something. Hopefully this is the last time I run into this.

EDIT: Got some more free space on Dropbox and now the old project is sharing to Dropbox as expected. I guess Dropbox doesnt like running low. I was at 87% now I’m at 27% and things seem smoother. Seems like the OP’s problems were different than mine I guess.

EDIT 2: Still having problems. Thought I had it figured out with the extra space but no dice. Any file over 4 minutes at 24 bit won’t go. Seems like 24bit make the file too large for cubasis to transfer.

Does anyone have a work around for this. I am in desperate need to share my tracks with someone and I can’t get cubasis to send them to Dropbox. The files are 24bit and over what cubasis is willing to do. I’m sure the devs are working on a fix for this in the upcoming update but I need to transfer them now. I don’t own a computer so the iTunes transfer method is not an option for me. Any ideas?

Maybe you could split the project in seperate projects?

Thanks for the suggestion. I just cant share a single track to dropbox as each individual track is too large. Its a 5 and a half minute song at 44.1 24bit. Do you mean just bounce each track in 2 halves?

Confirmed dropbox share seems to not work. especially for larger files.

The issue is planned to be fixed with the next Cubasis update.