[SOLVED] Inter-App Audio

Over an audio track. When I try to insert an effect using inter-Audio app it just goes silent. Either with the audio reverb app or The harmony eight app. Or any other app I use will not work. In Cubasis 2 it works perfectly fine

Hi Geque2000,

Thank you for your message.

Using inter-app audio plug-ins should work fine with Cubasis 3.
Please let us have an exact step description, to allow us testing the issue.


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Well I still couldn’t get it to work that way. But I was able to get it to work when I put it up under audio unit Effects… That works just as good. It just wouldn’t work for me under inter app audio. But thank you for answering me back.

Hi Geque2000

Thanks for the update, glad to hear you‘ve found a solution.


I have a similar problem. Enabled bias fx works, closed the app, opened the app after a while-it stops working

Hi Peston,

Please note that Inter-App Audio comes with many limitations, furthermore Apple abandoned the format, and released Audio Unit as a successor quite. while ago.

Please learn more about the IAA limitations in our IAA article: