[SOLVED] Most instruments not showing in Player

I just downloaded Dorico Pro 2 on my desktop computer (previously had Dorco 1.2 on a laptop). I can’t get most sounds to show up or play on the SE3 player. I believe something went wrong with the installation. Surprisingly, a previous work for concert band (Dorcio 1.2) loads fine with all sounds. Some other hints: I can load a choir with organ from the templates and all is good, but concert band template, only saxes are showing as in the attachment. I’ve tried “load sounds for unassigned instruments” but nothing happens.

Any help much appreciated.

Is it possible that Dorico did not load all my instruments because it thought that I had content remaining from version 1.2? (No version of Dorico ever resided on this particular computer).

What happens, if you go to the Write menu > Playback template > HALion SE 3? And Load sounds for unassigned instruments?

Dear Marc,

I already tried from Play mode, Play<Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments.

EDIT - I also tried Playback Template - which gives me a choice of Elements or Pro, but Pro is selected.

I guess it would help if I knew exactly what content goes where in a Dorico Pro 2 installation, then I may be able to say “hey, I’m missing that component” and begin to troubleshoot.

To me it looks like you have not installed the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. Did you download that package and run the installer_

Dear Ulf,

I used the Sternberg Download Assistant and downloaded Dorico Pro 2 Application Installer, Dorico Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3, Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library. I then double-clicked the dmg files and ran the installer for each. For HALion Symphonic Orchestra, I double-clicked on the Instrument Set HSO.pkg file and saw instruments downloading, one at a time.

Please create a new orchestral project from template and then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg do de’. Thanks.

Thanks Ulf, I just sent the file.

Thanks to Ulf, this issue (not sure what caused it), was successfully resolved using his instructions (sent to me by email). You guys are the best! There is no one in this business that gives this kind of one-on-one support.

I’m having the same issue! Could I also have this resolution?

Please post the specific details of the problem you’re having: this is quite an old thread, so things may have changed. If you would like us to look into a particular problem with a project, please zip it up and attach it here along with details of what the problem is, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Hello Daniel,

I have the same problem.
In this case I opened the BigBand-Template,
and while on my former OS for every Instrument there was loaded an appropriate sound,
on my new OS and after a new installation of Dorico
only the trumpets, trombones and Drums are getting loaded,
but the Saxes as well as Guitar, Bass and Piano are missing.
Here is the Diagnostics-File:
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.16 MB)
Thxs a lot!!!
Best, Roman

Are you sure you’ve correctly installed the sounds on your new computer? The first thing to try is simply to reinstall the appropriate sounds installer, which you can download here. Make sure you choose the appropriate installer for Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements.

Hello Daniel,

thxs for your quick reply.
This is the current situation:
To be honestly I didn’t download and install Dorico & Components via the link to the Steinberg-website you sent to me,
but via the Steinberg Download Assistant, supposing the downloaded files would be the same (aren’t they?).
Indeed I installed and deinstalled the files a few times, ending in the same situation.
Furthermore I deinstalled and deleted every file and folder on my harddrive including the word “steinberg”.
After that I installed the Application Installer and Sounds installer for Dorico Pro 3.1.10 via the link you told me.
Now the Halion Player stays empty; there is no single sound in it.
By the way: In c:/Program Data/Steinberg/Content/VSTSound there are only two files:
FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01 and FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_03
The complete package of FCP-SMT-Files remained in the VST-Sound folders HALion Sonic SE Content and HALion Symphonic Orchestra in the Section c:/User/…/Downloads/…

Here’s the Diagnostics File:
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (151 KB)
Thxs, best,

If you run Steinberg Library Manager, how many libraries does it show, and what are their names? For Dorico Pro it should list:

HALion Symphonic Orchestra
HALion Sonic SE Pro
HALion Sonic SE Hybrid
HALion Sonic SE Basic
HALion Sonic SE Artist
HALion Sonic Factory Content
Olympus Choir Micro

The much hardest result: none of that
“No libraries found”

How about e.g. “FCP_SMT_083_HSSE_S90.vstsound” or “FCP_SMT_064_HS_Sax_01.vstsound”, are those files somewhere to be found on your harddisk?
Or in general, are they any *.vstsound files on your harddisk to be found. If so, then double click on them and that shall register them in the Steinberg Library Manager and after that Dorico should be able to “see” them.

Hi Ulf,

thxs a lot for your reply.
As I wrote a few posts above,
there are a lot of *.vstsound-Files (about 80-90 - possibly all?) anywhere on my harddrive.
And yes, the S90 and the Sax_01 are part of them.
But how could I know, if I have really every *.vstsound needed, or if some of them are missing for beeing a complete library?
Is there no other way than searching for every file and double-clicking that while not knowing, if they add up to a complete library?
I’m wondering why the install-routine didn’t move them into the right folder and register them itself (?).

Thxs a lot,

By the way: I did as Ulf told me…
First of all I searched for all *.vstsound-files on my harddisk and copied them together in one folder.
Then I double-clicked on one file, the Steinberg Library Manager opened
and all of the libraries Daniel mentioned above appeared, and the Library Manager began moving files to default path,
and now every sound is available in Dorico.

Two things I don’t understand:

  1. When I loaded the template “BigBand” before the issue, Dorico chose the “Noisy-Presets” for the saxophones (Noise Alto-Sax, Noise Tenor-Sax, Noisy Baritone-Sax, etc.). Now there are chosen completely different Patches like “Bright Alto Sax”, “Tenor Sax VX”, “Tender Baritone Sax”, etc. that do not match with each other. So I have to change the sounds manually each time I open the template…
  2. When playing back the arrangement there occur some noticeable volume-changes in different instruments - sounding like a compressor pumping -, although there aren’t any Dynamics, Automation curves or something similar set in the song…
    Why is that?
    (Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to send you the Dorico-Arrangement or an mp3 as attachment)

Thxs a lot!
Best, Roman

You can zip up your Dorico project and then attach it here; you can attach .zip files up to 2MB in size.