[SOLVED] Nanologue crashes on startup

Never gets past the opening screen.
iPad Air iOS 7.0.4
crash log attached
Incident Identifier.zip (7.21 KB)

I’ve the same problem with iPad Air . Only black screen :frowning:

No problems on iPad 4. But then I’m on iOS 7.0.3

Did you download the 1.0.1 update? This should enable the iPad Air compatibility.

I just moved the thread to the Nanologue forum.

1.01 update fixes the problem. Got it running in Cubasis 1.7.
Incredibly fast fix!

I’m not an avid synth programmer. Trying to replicate the sound of the song by Muse - “Madness”. If someone could help me with the settings for Nanologue, it would be greatly appreciated. By the sound of some of the presets, Nanologue might be the perfect synth to use for our cover


you might asking your question as a separate topic?


Your question has been already answered some months ago right here, hasn’t it?


My question was answered a year ago.