[SOLVED] News update: Cubase iC Pro connectivity issue

Dear all.

As announced in April, iOS 10.3.1 by Apple prevents our iOS app Cubase iC Pro and supported Steinberg DAW’s from connecting.

In the meantime, Apple recommends testing the reported issue under iOS 11 that is, although it’s not yet confirmed, likely to be released in the autumn this year.

Random test results show that the beta release of the current iOS version 10.3.3 by Apple might solve the connectivity issue beforehand. We plan to perform in-depth tests after the official release of iOS 10.3.3 in order to make a reliable statement regarding the status of the issue.

Until Apple resolves the problem, Cubase iC and Cubase iC Pro remain unavailable for download on the Apple App Store.


Hi, Lars.

Thanks very much for the update.

Every other app on my iPad has no problem with networking. Only Cubase iC Pro. This means there’s something your app developers are doing differently in the code than everyone else. One person suggested the possibility that they’re using a deprecated api that the new OS no longer supports, which is not an unreasonable scenario. And of course, that’s why you don’t use deprecated api calls. It’s also something that can be remedied.

The fact that networking for all my other apps works and yours doesn’t strongly suggests that a coding fix is possible. If you’re simply no longer paying developers to maintain this code, it would be useful to have an official statement from you so that we know what the reality is. I wouldn’t stay with Cubase Pro if you stopped maintaining it.This app is no different.

As a paying customer, if you’re not going to fix your bugs, the very least you could do is let me know whether or not this app has become abandonware, rather than just keeping us in the dark.

Do you feel this is an unreasonable request?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your message.

The issue introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 10.3 affected several app suppliers, but there might be a chance that Apple’s iOS 10.3.3 release will solve the issue.

As stated above and in order to make a reliable statement, we will give Cubase iC Pro a proper test, once Apple iOS 10.3.3 has been officially released by Apple.


Hi, Lars.

While you didn’t answer my question of whether or not you still have developers maintaining this code, I do appreciate the reply.

I too would like to know if the application is still being developed. iC Pro is an integral part of my workflow, I use it everyday to trigger Cubase commands from the shortcut buttons, but the lack of simple functions, like the possibility of moving buttons simply by dragging them, or the possibility of reordering pages once they are loaded in the app, makes me wonder if this is something Steinberg intend to maintain in the future



This doesn’t seem to be a question they want to answer, probably because if they say it’s no longer being maintained it will adversely affect sales.

Since we can’t get confirmation that people are actively working on the code, my gut instinct is that the developers for this app are long gone and there will be no future development. If an iOS update fixes the problem, we can keep using it. If not, both the app and our investment are dead.

I suspect they finally figured out that there’s no significant money in mobile apps and thus don’t want to invest in this product any further. It is what it is. I just wish they’d be honest about it.

This has been broken for some time now and is really annoying as I paid for this app. Surely this can be fixed by doing something with the App? What is Apples position on this and when do they say it will be fixed instead of it might be fixed in the next version. This tells us nothing

I would say that it would be in Steinberg’s interest to continue development as Avid has a fully featured IOS App that looks quite impressive. That being said, IC Pro looked impressive as well but the fact that I have never gotten it to work and see its full capability has me wondering. I think Steinberg needs to continue IC Pro as a means to stay competitive with Avid. The hint that they are hoping it is fixed for them sounds discouraging. I for one would hope that further implementation would be expanded so that it could be utilized with say the new Avid S3 Dock, with that function, I would really like to get an S3 and the S3 Dock but if there isn’t an IOS app supporting it then there is no use.

I had been using iC Pro until a few months or so ago when it stopped working. CUBASE: get it together, fix this app, would you please?

Anyone try Pro Tools Control? I was just looking at the avid pro tools dock and it said on thier website that it’s supposed to be compatible with Cubase and nuendo.

Yes. I just had it running with C9 on my PC. I was just curious and tried it out. I don’t need remote control so badly that I can’t wait for iC Pro to be fixed so I will probably uninstall the EUConl, etc. I didn’t fool around with it much but it seems to have similar features to iC Pro.

It took me a few minutes and a bit of reading but I have now installed and am using EUCon with the App on my iPAD. It basically gives me back remote control which is what I wanted and a whole lot more. Steinberg sort your act out. It’s crazy that Avid can give us a working App for nothing and you can’t. It seems to be a habit just dropping things without further development. If I didn’t collaborate with other Cubase users and have so much invested I would be tempted to drop it altogether.

What version of Windows are you running? I looked into this but it requires installation f EUCon on the Cubase computer. That might be fine, but I’m always very paranoid when it comes to installations / updates on my DAW box because, well, Murphy’s Law.

Were there any adventures in the installation of EUCon, or incompatibilities / conflicts with other software on your computer once installed?

Is this issue limited to just iPads since I can connect without any problems using my iPhone 6S+ running 10.3.2. Fortunately I haven’t upgraded my iPad Pro which is still running 10.2.1.

It all seemed to go quite smoothly. The EUCon software is for all sorts of PT controllers so I’m guessing is well designed so it doesn’t cause problems. So far so good for me with nothing broken

My Phone a iPhone 7 worked on the new software for a while then just stopped working the same as my iPad. Probably best to stay on what works depending what’s important to you.

What is annoying is that Steinberg seem to pay someone to create plugins/apps then abandon them instead of updating. I’ve seen this with LM4 and Virtual Guitar. Both could have been updated and cross upgrades offered. Apart from the major programs I would never buy a Steinberg plugin or app again as they just can’t be trusted to carry on supporting them.

Just to be clear, both your iPhone & iPad worked with ICPRO/Cubase 9 on the latest iOS version 10.3.2 BUT then suddenly stopped working afterwards without any further changes to your system(s)?

Thanks, man. The Cubase app is obviously abandonware so even if Apple releases an iOS patch that fixes it, it can easily break on the next version.

At this point abandonment sounds like a sensible plan all around, so I’m moving on to other solutions and will chalk this off as a learning experience - never buy another mobile app from SB.

Well, so much for Pro Tools Control. EUCon doesn’t support Windows 7.

At this point I think I’m just going to split a monitor in the live room and use a wireless mouse and keyboard for the desktop DAW.

Hoping 10.3.3 fixes this issue and the results are available in time as I don’t plan to upgrade to iOS 11 on my device.
(Dropping support for 32-bit Apps being the main reason as I don’t want to lose access to some golden oldies!)